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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109770317, Entry date: 08/19/2019

Release for sale and delivery for SIMOTICS DP 1PC1341 and 1PC1361 low-voltage crane motors

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Option code D47 for importing the motors into the Eurasian customs union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

Effective August 1, 2019, we are expanding the range of options available for crane motors to include option D47

The TR CU product safety certificate is required in order to import motors into the Eurasian customs union area.

  • Order code D47: TR CU product safety certificate EAC for the Eurasian customs union 

When motors are ordered with order code D47, the motor rating plate and packaging are marked with the logo "EAC".

The motor must have a "TR CU product safety certificate EAC", although the certificate does not generally have to be provided when the motor is shipped. The customs authorities use the motor article number to check the motor certification.

The following are available in the Drive Technology Configurator:

  • TR CU product safety certificate in accordance with the Low-Voltage Directive
  • Additional TR CU product certificate in accordance with the EMC Directive
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