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SIMATIC/SIMOTION Packaging Toolbox

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Siemens provides the greatest flexibility and productivity for all packaging automation, from concept to commissioning to installation. No matter what machine size, no matter what product – automation, drives, motors, motion controllers - Siemens provides globally-accepted solutions for packaging challenges that are simple to implement, yet effective at handling the most demanding requirements.

Siemens has developed a specialized Toolbox, full of pre-engineered flexible integrated libraries to address the range of packaging applications. This saves you engineering, setup, and changeover time and maximizes the productivity of your processes from end to end.

Technology functions

Why reinvent the wheel every time? With the Packaging Toolbox, Siemens offers packaging-specific technology libraries that can be integrated in existing or new machine applications along with own blocks, all with minimal effort. This increases the availability and flexibility of production and reduces substantially engineering and commissioning times.

Intelligent Belt - Multi Belt Control

The Intelligent Belt application (multi belt control) can be used to pick up sequentially arriving products and to provide them grouped at an unloading position. The most important feature is that loading and unloading are independently performed.

 SIMATIC/SIMOTION Intelligent Belt - Multi Belt Control 

Intelligent Infeed

The Intelligent Infeed application can be used to create equal gaps between irregularly arriving products of same length. A typical use case is the synchronization of the products into a tappet chain. The application automatically calculates and regulates the appropriate accelerations and velocities of the products. Since the process is contact free, Intelligent Infeed is also suitable for especially sensitive products.
  SIMATIC Intelligent Infeed 

 >  SIMOTION Intelligent Infeed
 (available on request -> please use the feedback functionality of this entry)

Form, Fill and Seal


This library contains functionalities for the following technological tasks of horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal machines:
  - Machine master
  - Product supply and dosing
  - Foil transport (incl. auxiliary functions like print mark correction, dancer control, ...)
  - Sealing (cross and longitudinal sealing)

 >  SIMATIC Library LFFS - Automation of form, fill and seal machines
 (available on request -> please use the feedback functionality of this entry)

 SIMOTION Packaging Library LPac 

International Standards

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions to enable international packaging standards implementation.

CPG Template

The CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) Template provides a clear and tested project structure based on a modular design (ISA-S88 Make2Pack). Machine builders get an easy to diagnose and easy to extend project basis. End-Customers get a uniform machine behavior (OMAC PackML) with a standardized interface (PackTags) that enables easy line integration.



This software library provides a user-friendly basis for the configuration and use of an OMAC-compliant mode and state manager for SIMATIC and SIMOTION.

 SIMATIC/SIMOTION OMAC PackML V3 Machine and Unit States

Weihenstephan Standards

This application supports in integrating the Weihenstephan Standards into SIMATIC controllers and the motion control system SIMOTION. The Weihenstephan Standards (WS) define a universal communication interface for connecting machines to higher level data acquisition systems or MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). They also define the data which must be provided for acquisition.
Program and State Management according to Weihenstephan for SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 controllers is also available.

 SIMATIC/SIMOTION Weihenstephan Standards

Basic functions

With the Basic Functions, Siemens offers a complete set of libraries that can be used in all the types of applications and projects. From basic motion control tasks to precise high-quality cam disks creation at runtime, Siemens has a solution.

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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