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OPC UA – An overview of the most important entries and links

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An overview of the most important entries and links for OPC UA.
Creating of OPC UA clients with .NET and helper class
Programming an OPC UA .NET Client with C# for the SIMATIC NET OPC UA Server
OPC UA methods for the SIMATIC S7-1500 OPC UA server
Determining the Transmission Times for Typical Configurations between S7 Stations and PC Stations via SIMATIC NET OPC Server
Internal and external OPC-UA connection via the virtual Ethernet interface of the Software Controller from V2.5
Individual programmed Signaling System Based on the SIMATIC NET OPC Alarm and Event/OPC UA Server
Communication via OPC UA with SIMATIC HMI systems (Comfort Panels, Runtime Advanced, Runtime Professional)
Setting up IE S7 OPC Redundancy with two OPC servers and WinCC Advanced as OPC UA client
OPC UA Excel-Client for WinCC V7.4 SP1
Using the OPC UA Server as an interface to a website (OEM/ distributor/ end customer)

Here you'll find relevant manuals and product information of our products that support OPC UA.

OPC UA – Basics and Configuration
Understanding the OPC Interface – System Course