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Excel code generator for TIA Portal Openness

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The code generator can be used to automatically generate STEP 7 V15, STEP 7 V15.1 or STEP 7 V16 projects that have been previously configured from Microsoft Excel.
The TIA Portal Openness DLLs are based on the .NET framework version 4.6.2 and are not COM-visible, which means that they cannot be used directly in COM applications such as Microsoft Excel. The Excel Code Generator closes this gap.

A large number of similar projects can be generated. This is useful, for example, for series machines with different configurations. 

An Excel file references two DLLs and thus enables the generation of a PLC program in the TIA Portal from Excel. 
On the basis of the Excel data entered, the DLL "TiaOpennessXmlSupporter" creates the TIA XML files that are necessary to generate program blocks, PLC data types, global data blocks and tag tables in the TIA Portal. 
The second DLL "TiaOpennessForExcel" comprises selected functions of the TIA Portal Openness DLLs and makes them available for use in Excel. The "TiaOpennessForExcel" DLL is responsible for accessing the TIA Portal, the project, and the global TIA corporate library, as well as importing the TIA XML files to generate the PLC program.

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