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Delivery release for sway control system - SIMOCRANE SC Integrated STS, GSU V3.0

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With immediate effect, the sway control system SIMOCRANE SC integrated STS, GSU V3.0 based on SIMOTION D435-2 DP/PN for the use of container quay cranes (STS) and grab ship unloaders (GSU) has been released for general delivery and download via Industry Online Support international in internet.

This version completely replaces the predecessor versions V2.1 SP2 HF1 and is downwards compatible. SIMOCRANE SC integrated STS, GSU V3.0 includes two variants: 

  • 6GA7200-0AA01-0AA0 Basic Control

  • 6GA7200-0AA01-1AA0 Advanced Control


The sway control system SIMOCRANE SC integrated STS, GSU V3.0 based on SIMOTION D435-2 is a software solution for the sway control of cranes through to automation, both for container quay cranes (STS – ship-to-shore cranes) and grab ship unloaders (GSU). This software is an integral component of the SIMOCRANE Advanced Technology based on the SIMOCRANE Basic Technology V3.0.

In general, each acceleration or braking of a crane causes a sway movement of the load. The electronic SIMOCRANE sway control system ensures that these load sway movements are eliminated such that the crane transport can be performed quickly, safely and without damaging the transported goods. On grab ship unloaders (GSU), the sway control system shall use the gripper oscillation when unloading bulk goods, thus reducing the handling time.

Depending on the task to be fulfilled and the ambient conditions, sway control systems can be used with or without camera systems. When using a camera, this acts as an observer detecting any deviations from the ideal sway response for the situation. This allows to largely compensate also oscillations resulting from external forces – such as inclined lift or wind. We recommend that you use a camera on container quay cranes (STS). On account of the high amount of dust formed, grab ship unloaders (GSU) are usually not equipped with a camera. When using a camera system, a reflector, which is attached to the load suspension device, is additionally required. The selection of lenses and reflectors depends on the crane lifting height (see 109761382).

For the ordering data for camera and reflector, see the SIMOCRANE CenSOR camera measuring system (see 109761382).  

Target group and knowledge 

The SIMOCRANE sway control system is intended for three target groups. These target groups must have acquired the following knowledge:

  • Engineering
    Excellent SIMOTION / SIMATIC knowledge
  • Commissioner
    Excellent SIMOTION / SIMATIC knowledge
  • End user
    No specific knowledge required

Scope of functions

The Version V3.0 includes the following new functions, expanded functionality and function improvements:

Sway control functions

  •  New function „Soft Approach“ with consideration of fixed and variable blocked regions in Manual Mode (MAN)
  • Improving of the function to calculate interpolation points and extending of criterions to start Semi-Automatic Mode (SAM)
  • Extension of the functional scope of the control bit “START_2D_CALC“
  • Separated damping factors for acceleration and deceleration (P85, P86, P88, P89)
  • New parameter (P87) to eliminate the overshooting in positioning process (POS und SAM)
  • New parameter (P119) for selecting of the lowering point for SAM travel from WS to LS
  • New parameter (P112, P113) to adapt the trajectory during inclined movement in SAM
  • Improving of the following error monitoring (E41, E42) for positioning process (POS und SAM)
  • Expansion of the interface to the higher-level controller (PLC)
  • New DCC-block “DCC_SCIntPo” to transfer the interpolation points of trajectory to the higher-level controller (PLC)
  • All camera data will be transferred to the higher-level controller (PLC)
  • General troubleshooting
  • Adaption of parameters (Limit values, default value or option)
  • Extending and improvement of the operation instructions manuals

 Commissioning and Diagnostic Tool „CeCOMM”

  • Extending of visualization (limit lines, safety clearance, immersion point…)
  • Adding the time stamp to the long-time trace
  • Increasing the number of logger files to 12
  • New function to calculate the maximum sway deflection
  • Improvement of the diagram in X/Y-view
  • Improving of the trace function
  • Adding a list of all variable signals for trace
  • Troubleshooting

The main changes refer to the link below.

Scope of delivery

  • DVD includes the software and the documentation
  • Certificate of the software-license ddepending on the required functions
    • Basic License
      Manual (MAN), Positioning (POS), Neutralization (SNL/SND), TLS-Basic.
    • Advanced License
      Basic License, Semi-Automatic Mode (SAM), TLS-Advanced, Soft Approach (MAN)

Additionally the Version V3.0 is provided for ‘Download‘ on the Internet ‘Industry Online Support international’, see link below.

Product Support

Operating Instructions SIMOCRANE SC integrated STS, GSU 07/2019 (see 109770443)

Download SIMOCRANE SC integrated STS, GSU - example projects V3.0 (see 103965095)

FAQ  SIMOCRANE Sway Control: Upgrade of SC integrated STS, GSU (see 109478006)

Readme files

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