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SINAMICS Technology Extensions for SINAMICS Startdrive

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You can use the SINAMICS Technology Extension (TEC) with SINAMICS Startdrive Basic and Advanced, Version V16 and higher.

1. Brief description

The SINAMICS Technology Extension (TEC) from the Advanced Technology Functions is an extension for all CU320-2 and CU310-2 based devices at SINAMICS and can subsequently be introduced to the respective drive objects.

With the integration of SINAMICS TEC into the Startdrive, the Technology Extensions can be added to the Startdrive Basic or Advanced as an installation package with the .tec extension and activated on the corresponding drive objects.

SINAMICS Startdrive

2. Highlights

SINAMICS Startdrive V17

The following new functions are available with Startdrive V17:

  • New Technology Extension mask features 
    • Switching between the view of the current drive object and the entire drive
    • Expansion of detailed information on SINAMICS TEC
    • SINAMICS TEC link to Industry Online Support
  • A separate parameter group is offered in the List Manual for SINAMICS TEC

SINAMICS Startdrive V16

The following new functions are available with Startdrive V16:

  • Support for SINAMICS Technology Extension from SINAMICS FW V5.2 for all CU320-2 and CU310-2 based devices
  • Support for SINAMICS Technology Extension for SIMATIC Drive Controller
  • Technology Extensions Mask for the management and activation of SINAMICS TEC under parameter assignment 
  • Display of detailed information about the individual SINAMICS TEC in the mask
  • Implicit download of activated SINAMICS TEC during the project download of the drive unit
  • When the project is shared, the activated SINAMICS TEC is implicitly included

3. Available Technology Extension for Startdrive

You can find an overview of the available Technology Extensions for Startdrive from V16 onwards here:
  • SINAMICS VIBX (Vibration Extinction) V1.3 HF2 (V01.30.11.07) 109797171
  • SINAMICS FASTBRK (Fast Brake Reaction for Coupled Axes) V1.2 (V01.20.07.00) 109802635 
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