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Why is the "Next" button disabled in the Setup of the software SIMATIC Panel Drivers and Tools V1.5?

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Installation of the software SIMATIC Panel Drivers and Tools on SIMATIC IPCs


The software SIMATIC Panel Drivers and Tools V1.5 cannot be installed on a SIMATIC IPC. The Setup program shows the free storage space in red letters in the "Configuration" step. The "Next" button is gray and disabled, see Fig. 01.

Fig. 01

When the software SIMATIC Panel Drivers and Tools V1.5 is being installed, storage space is needed to unpack various software components. The Setup program checks the free storage space on the SIMATIC IPC before the software is installed. The free storage space needed for the installation is given in the "Temp" column.

If there is not enough free storage space available for the installation, then the "Next" button is disabled in the Setup program.

Increase the available free storage space of the IPC to at least the required size or more. Then restart installation of the software.

If necessary replace the data storage medium of your SIMATIC IPC with a larger data storage medium. If, for example, the available 8 GB CFast memory card of your SIMATIC IPC is no longer sufficient, replace it with another CFast memory card with at least 16 GB, see Fig. 02.

SIMATIC CFAST memory card, 16 GB, article no. 6ES7648-2BF10-0XJ0.

Other CFast memory cards for SIMATIC IPCs are available in the Siemens Industry Mall.

Fig. 02

Transfer the data of the original data storage medium to the new, larger data storage medium using a suitable software like SIMATIC Image & Partition Creator. Instructions for this are available in the following Entry ID: 109756568.

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