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Delivery Release SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0

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SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0 is available for delivery.


1. General Information

THINK neo! A new world of process control technology with SIMATIC PCS neo - completely web-based!

With SIMATIC PCS neo, we are providing a trendsetting system software that offers completely new options for companies in the process industry in the age of digitalization – for example, global, entirely web-based cooperation in engineering and operations. SIMATIC PCS neo is characterized by direct and secure system access across all terminal devices that support HTML5, intuitive usability as well as maximum scalability of small process modules all the way to world-scale plants.

The new system uses the recently innovated hardware portfolio and the application architecture of the high-performance, comprehensive process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 Version 9. This means we are optimally combining investment and know-how protection with the new options of the innovative system software.

SIMATIC PCS neo is based on the tried-and-tested SIMATIC S7-410 controller architecture, but features a fundamentally new system architecture in the software which was designed with the following objectives:

  • Simple administration through purely browser-based web clients that do not need to be installed
  • Intuitive user experience based on a consistent work interface (Workbench) and a consistent object concept for all tasks
  • Maximum scalability of the system through a consistent concept for distributing system functions
  • Increased availability through staggered use of redundancy concepts
  • Improved information security through encrypted communication between servers and from server to client
  • High-performance, fully event-controlled and time-stamped communication between automation systems and servers
  • The proven "Advanced Process Library" standard was taken from SIMATIC PCS 7 and enables easy migration for users 

For more details on the scope of functions offered by SIMATIC PCS neo, see the section "Software Highlights".


Flexible, lifecycle-oriented licensing concept

With SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0, Siemens is introducing a new, flexible licensing and maintenance concept. The development of IT environments is getting more and more dynamic; as a result, operators are facing the challenging task of operating their plants long-term or keeping the software up-to-date at reasonable costs. Even support services are getting increasingly customized in this context: 

  • With a new USB license dongle based on the CodeMeter licensing technology from Wibu-Systems, Siemens is introducing an innovative, dynamic license monitoring that supports the implementation of new licensing models. The USB dongle supports the dynamic extension and upgrade of licenses online or offline. All licenses are referring to a SIMATIC PCS neo installation or a SIMATIC PCS neo project that can be identified by a "System Identification Number" (SID). During operation, the SIMATIC PCS neo software continuously determines the current license requirement for the functions used and checks whether this is covered by the number of licenses stored in the USB dongle. A plant can also be operated without a dongle temporarily to avoid negative effects on plant availability.
  • The unique "System Identification Number" (SID) identifies a SIMATIC PCS neo system not only for licensing purposes but it also serves as the basis for individual, quick, effective and even preventive support services, if necessary. Project-specific lifecycle offers, such as software maintenance packages and support services, in particular, are also based on this identification. 
  • With SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0, software maintenance is offered exclusively in form of the "Starter" software maintenance package at a fixed price for one year. The package includes updates, online support, technical support (15h) and upgrade to SIMATIC PCS neo V3.1.
  • In future versions of SIMATIC PCS neo, software maintenance is also offered in form of additional packages, such as "Basic" and "Dynamic". The "Basic" package contains everything you need to operate your plant in its original version, while the "Dynamic" package keeps your software up-to-date at all times and lets you participate in the ongoing functional development of the system.
  • Updates and upgrade licenses as well as technical support (Customer Support Hotline) are only available as part of the respective software maintenance packages. Warranty claims are not affected by this. 
  • The new "my SIMATIC PCS neo" web platform offers you a completely digital customer experience: All information and processes on a platform – from plant layout and configuration via the ordering process all the way to support. A first version of this platform will be available for SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0.


2. Software Highlights

SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0 offers an intuitive user experience based on a consistent work interface for all applications. The software allows the setup of central or distributed systems along a modular software structure with the following modules:

  • Administration Console (AC)
  • Engineering Server (ES)
  • Monitoring & Control (M&C)
  • Process Device Manager (PDM)
  • Process Historian (PH)

The software modules can be used together on one station or distributed over multiple stations.


Software module: Administration Console 

The "Administration Console" software module offers central system administration and simplified system installation.  In detail, the following functions are available:

  • Software administration
  • Security administration
  • Inventory function
  • License management
  • User management

This software module is included in the system package and must only be licensed when more than one user is working with the module at the same time or if more than one project is to be administered.


Software module: Engineering Server 

The "Engineering Server" software module offers a completely revised multi-user concept that enables efficient and consistent operation by multiple users at the same time. The software module is technology-oriented so that engineering concepts can be conveniently reused and the automation hardware can be assigned at a later time. Experienced users have access to efficient, spreadsheet-based bulk data engineering that can optionally also be connected to Microsoft Excel.

Additional functions in detail:

  • Object-oriented engineering (based on process objects) 
  • Library management including "Advanced Process Library"
  • Technological engineering with CFC, SFC, process pictures and connectivity
  • Hardware engineering
  • Signal engineering
  • Template Management (CMT)
  • Spreadsheet engineering
  • Central management of project settings and user rights
  • Import & export of engineering data
  • Management of engineering projects
  • Integrated controller emulation via the "Virtual Controller"

For the simulation accompanying engineering, the SIMIT and SIMIT Virtual Controller tools known from the SIMATIC PCS 7 world can be used. SIMIT is installed on a client system with this, while the Virtual Controller typically runs as a component of the engineering server.


Software module: Monitoring & Control

The "Monitoring & Control" software module offers an intuitive plant operator guidance using an object hierarchy and group messages. A high-performance and high-availability short-term archive for messages and trends is integrated. The alarm system is based on the specifications of the IEC 62682.

The proven "Advanced Process Library" standard was taken from SIMATIC PCS 7 and enables easy migration for users.

Functions in detail:

  • Display of process pictures including support for multiple monitors
  • Configurable process picture hierarchy with operator guidance via group messages
  • Priority-based alarm system with central configuration of the alarm behavior
  • Trend displays
  • Process object browser with filter functions for quickly locating process objects based on their states
  • Launching of faceplates and filtered messages along the equipment hierarchy for the operator
  • SFC Visualization


    Software module: Process Device Manager

    Field device management functions familiar from SIMATIC PDM have been integrated into the Workbench:

    • Configuration, diagnostics, and maintenance of field devices
    • Integration of electronic device descriptions (EDD or FDI)


    Software module: Process Historian (PH) 

    The Process Historian familiar from SIMATIC PCS 7 is also used in SIMATIC PCS neo as a central archiving and reporting system and offers the following functions in V3.0:

    • Near real-time, central long-term archiving of process values and alarms
    • The archiving of a process value does not require an additional configuration
    • Parallel archiving even across multiple projects
    • Transparent access to the long-term history by the operator using trend and alarm displays of the "Monitoring & Control" software module.


    3. Hardware Highlights

    SIMATIC PCS neo is based on the recently innovated SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410 (AS 410) hardware with a focus on PROFINET as fieldbus backbone. For the operation of SIMATIC PCS neo with an existing AS 410, you must upgrade the license to the latest firmware version AS 410 V10; the existing scaling structure (SEC POs) can be adopted in this case.


    SIMATIC AS 410-5H V10 (FW version)

    The SIMATIC AS 410-5H also offers the following tried-and-tested features in SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0:

    • Support of PROFINET and PROFIBUS via internal interfaces
    • Availability using the proven H concept
    • Redundant communication into the field and on the plant bus
    • Scaling of the AS resources via the System Extension Card (SEC)
    • Security features

    Changing the hardware while the AS is running (Change in Run) will be supported in a later version.



    As a compact, high-performance and high availability distributed PROFINET I/O, SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is the standard I/O system for SIMATIC PCS neo and offers the following features, among others:

    • Redundant PROFINET communication (S2 and R1)
    • Modular design with permanent wiring through push-in terminals
      Increased ruggedness for applications in the field (conformal coating, extended temperature range)



    SIMATIC ET 200SP can be used with SIMATIC PCS neo as compact and highly scalable I/O system when the availability and ruggedness of SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is not required and offers the following features:

    • PROFINET communication including S2 redundancy
    • Modular design with permanent wiring through push-in terminals



    The SIMATIC Compact Field Unit was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the process industry in the Industry 4.0 environment. It offers plug-and-produce features that significantly reduce the time required for the integration and replacement of field devices:

    • Reduced cabling work through PROFINET in the field
    • Redundant PROFINET connection (S2) for the highest degree of availability
    • Automatic addressing of PROFIBUS PA field devices
    • Hot-swapping the device



    As modular I/O system for hazardous areas and installation in Zone 1, SIMATIC ET 200iSP can also be used in combination with SIMATIC PCS neo and offers the following features:

    • Redundant PROFIBUS communication
    • Can be used in gas/dust atmosphere (EX Zone 1, 2, 21 or 22)
    • Modular design with permanent wiring
    • Flexible engineering and easy commissioning



    SIMATIC PCS neo was tested on SIMATIC IPC as reference hardware:

    • The server functions are released exclusively based on SIMATIC IPC647E / IPC847E as a high-end hardware base suitable for industrial use.
    • SIMATIC IPC427E can be used as a compact and rugged hardware base for client systems.


    4. Order Requests

    Please contact your local sales representative before you order a SIMATIC PCS neo to clarify the extent of the order for your project and to receive an SID.

    You can find information about the individual PCS neo software packages and licenses in advance in the Industry Mall.


    Evaluation program

    The SIMATIC PCS neo V3.0 evaluation package offers you a free opportunity to learn more about all functions of the new process control system in detail by implementing an evaluation project in your test environment. This test run can help you make a decision for using SIMATIC PCS neo in a project. This package is available under certain conditions – please contact your regional sales representative for more information.


    5. Conditions for the Software Maintenance Package "Starter"

    The additional operations for the Software Maintenance Package "Starter" are available in the following document:

      Software Maintenance Package Starter - Product Sheet and specific terms (158,5 KB)


    6. Customer Support

    Siemens offers Service & Support in each project phase: from the planning stage through commissioning to maintenance and modernization.

    Based on the new SIMATIC PCS neo Lifecycle model, Customer Support is an exclusive component of the software maintenance packages. A valid software maintenance agreement is required to access the support services (e.g. at the Customer Support Hotline). Please have your SID ready for identification of your maintenance agreement when contacting the hotline. This ensures quick and outcome-oriented processing because we already have your basic information available with regard to the SIMATIC PCS neo system. Support services can only be provided with a verified SID.

    The new web portal "my SIMATIC PCS neo" is the new central start page for all customer queries and needs, including support topics. It allows for easy navigation and retrievability of online information: My SIMATIC PCS neo.

    For an overview of the Service & Support services, go to the Siemens Industry Online Support 

    With a newsletter subscription, you will always receive the latest information on your product range. To subscribe, register in the mySupport area: http://support.industry.siemens.com/my

    You can request help from our technical support (hotline) by sending a support request: http://support.industry.siemens.com/My/ww/en/requests.


    7. Training Program

    SITRAIN offers the matching customer training for the market launch of SIMATIC PCS neo. The focus is on plant automation with SIMATIC PCS neo as well as with real hardware and a simulated plant model based on SIMIT. You will experience the latest process control technology in numerous practical exercises and instructive examples:

    SITRAIN Course: SIMATIC PCS neo System Training for Beginner (NEO-BASIC)

    SITRAIN course: SIMATIC PCS neo System Training for PCS 7 Engineers (NEO-SYSUP)  


    8. Information and Links

    SIMATIC PCS neo Website

    SIMATIC PCS neo Mall

    SIMATIC PCS neo also on YouTube 

    SIMATIC PCS neo online readme

    Security information
    In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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