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Update 1 available for SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) 2010 incl. SP3

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Update1 for SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) 2010 incl. SP3 is available immediately and can be requested from Customer Support.

Improvements of Update 1:

With Update 1, the following improvements have been achieved for SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) 2010 SP3:

  • Message "High Precision Event Timer not deactivated" for WinAC RTX F 2010 SP3 after installation of newer Windows KBs
    After installation of Windows Security Patches as of September 2019, WinAC RTX F displays the error message "High Precision Event Timer has to be deactivated in BIOS Setup" upon startup and does not run.
    With Update 1, starting WinAC RTX F 2010 incl. SP3 is also possible with newer Windows Security Patches.
  • Failsafe communication via WLAN will not be reestablished automatically after a disconnection
    For connection problems via a WLAN route, the failsafe communication is not reestablish automatically after a timeout.
    With WinAC RTX (F) 2010 SP3 Update 1 this behavior has been improved.
  • Security improvements for CPU panel and CMI interface
    The security level of the interfaces for the CPU panel and CMI are improved with Update 1.

Notes on installation

For installation of Update 1, the previous installation of SP3 for WinAC RTX 2010 or WinAC RTX F 2010 is required. For improvements, new functions and availability of SP3, see the product note 109765109

Proceed as follows for installation of the update:

  1. Close WinAC RTX ("Shutdown")
  2. To install, start the executable file and follow the setup instructions.


After installation, check the settings of WinAC RTX (e.g. suppress "Intel(R) "SpeedStep" and AMD "Cool’n’Quiet"(TM) technology", retentivity etc.) and reset them to the desired values.


To receive Update 1 for WinAC RTX 2010 incl. SP3 or WinAC RTX F 2010 incl. SP3, contact  Support at:

Customer Support Request

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