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Product information about the SIMATIC IPC Panel Drivers and Tools: Migration to new fronts for SIMATIC IPC (Panel PC) and SIMATIC IFP (Update 07/2020)

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When migrating to a new front technology (display and touch screen) for SIMATIC IPC and SIMATIC IFP, the use of SIMATIC IPC Panel Drivers and Tools in version 1.5 (or higher) is recommended.

The SIMATIC IPCs with Panel front (Panel PC) and SIMATIC IFPs (Flat Panel) listed in the following are affected by the migration, each with multi-touch.

  • SIMATIC IPC277E           6AV7882-…..-....
  • SIMATIC IPC477E         6AV7241-…..-....
  • SIMATIC IPC477E PRO 6AV7251-…..-....
  • SIMATIC IPC677E         6AV7621-…..-....

Panel Drivers and Tools Version 1.5 have been integrated during the period between March and May 2020. After this time, the corresponding SIMATIC IPCs have already been delivered with SIMATIC IPC Panel Driver and Tools (PDT) Version 1.5.

Link to the download: 109749144 

The devices with new front technology will not receive new article numbers.
Front design and dimensions are identical.
When using the new version of the PDT, there are no functional differences.

You can check which version of the front has been installed on your system via the Panels Drivers and Tools.
The available devices are listed under the menu item "Touch Settings".
If the letter "I" is located behind "Device [No] ...", it is a device with new front technology.

For existing systems, a timely migration to the new PDT version is recommended under the following conditions:

1.) In case of replacement or spare parts service
In an existing system, an Industrial Flat Panel (IFP) or IPC (Panel PC) will be replaced by a corresponding device with a new front.
In the case of an IFP, the PDTs are installed on the related PC or IPC and must be updated there.
Note that any backups of your systems may still contain an older version of the PDTs.
Update any existing backups with the new version of the PDT. Later this will make a restore without any additional effort possible.

2.) Series production
IPCs in machines, plant parts, etc. are only filled with a pre-created PC image or backup before or after installation.
There may be an old version of the PDTs in the respective image/backup that needs to be updated.
Update any existing images/backups also with the new version of the PDTs. In the future, filling will again be possible without additional effort.

3.) Extension of existing systems
If a machine, plant, etc. is extended by, for example, additional IFPs, the PDTs must also be updated as part of the extension.
Existing devices are supported by the new version.

If the new fronts are operated with a SIMATIC IPC Panel Driver and Tools version lower than V1.5, the following special cases arise for devices with multi-touch front:

A) Touch assignment is lost

• Multiple multi-touch fronts are used on one IPC and the system operates with a PDT version lower than V1.5.

• The assignment of the touch screens to the display is lost.

• Installation of PDT V1.5 (or higher) or
• manual reassignment in the Windows settings (tablet settings)

The behavior can also occur under different conditions on a Windows operating system, so it is not a PDT-specific behavior.

B) Operator lock and switchover from multi-touch mode to single-touch mode no longer work.

• Multiple multi-touch fronts are used on one IPC and the system operates with a PDT version lower than V1.5.

• •The operator lock on cloned desktops no longer works.
Another system operator could simultaneously trigger an operator action on another HMI device where the display is cloned from the main control unit.
• Switching from multi-touch operation to single-touch operation no longer works.
Applications that require single-touch operation would only be available with restrictions.

• Installation of PDT V1.5 (or higher)

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