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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109772767, Entry date: 11/14/2019

Delivery Release SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 including options

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With immediate effect, SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 and SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 ASIA are available including all option packages

With immediate effect, SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 and SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 ASIA are available including all option packages. SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 is a direct replacement for the predecessor version SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 as a stand-alone and full version. The standard delivery of SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 ends with the availability of SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1.

SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 is available as a free download for the WinCC Version V7.5 delivered so far via the Internet on the download pages of the SIMATIC Customer Support (entry ID WinCC V7.5 SP1: 109772879).

Delivery will take place automatically within the scope of the WinCC Software Update Service.

1. Delivery release

In addition to the WinCC basic packages for SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1, the following WinCC options are released or are compatible:

  • WinCC/Server V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Redundancy V7.5 SP1 
  • WinCC/Archive V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/UserArchives V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/WebNavigator V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/DataMonitor V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Connectivity Pack V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Connectivity Station V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/WebUX V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/ODK V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Audit V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/SES (Sequence Execution System) V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Calendar Scheduler V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Event Notifier V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/Performance Monitor V7.5 SP1
  • WinCC/ProAgent V7.5 SP1

Compatibility with the following products is given:

  • SIAMTIC Net V16
  • SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP3 Upd 4
  • SIMATIC Process Historian 2014 SP3 Upd 4

You will be informed separately about the start of delivery or compatibility test of the following options:

  • SIMATIC B.Data
  • SIMATIC TeleControl


Detailed and always up-to-date information is provided in the compatibility tool

Please always ensure availability and compatibility with the add-on packages and options you require and use before installing SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1.

The order numbers (MLFB) remain unchanged compared to Version V7.5


2. Contents

Compared to SIMATIC WinCC V7.5, SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 includes various extensions of the range of functions in addition to consolidation of the updates that have been published up to this point. These include, for example:

2.1 Operating systems

WinCC V7.5 SP1 supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise (64-Bit)
  • Windows 10 LTSB 2015/2016, LTSC 2019 (64-Bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-Bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 (64-Bit)
  • Windows Server 2019 (64-Bit)

Additional information and details on the operating system compatibility is provided in the compatibility tool

2.2 Additional functions in the WinCC Engineering and Configuration Studio

The new features include, among others:

  • Copying of animations and text blocks in the WinCC Graphics Designer
  • Definition of the minimum password complexity
  • OPC UA Client: Enhanced browsing of complex data structures
  • Text lists for further objects (e.g. combobox, list box, etc.)

2.3 WinCC Runtime and options

The new features include, among others:

  • WebUX: Faceplate support
  • Connection to S7-1500 R/H
  • Cloud Connect: Connection to Siemens MindSphere
  • Simulation of external variables
  • IDB: Integration in Simatic Shell
  • Audit: Display of the local time in Audit Control

You can find additional information on the new features in SIMATIC WinCC V7.5 SP1 in the section "What's new" in the product documentation.


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