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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109772816, Entry date: 11/12/2019

Sales release of SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSAD

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With immediate effect, the SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSAD converters are released for sale.

Components involved

All SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V from 2.2 kW to 3 kW, will be replaced by the new frame size AD. Some options related to this new frame size will also be upgraded to new versions.

                   Sinamics V20 1AC 230V FSAD

Technical specification

The new SINAMICS V20 FSAD converters save 32% of mounting space compared with that of existing SINAMICS V20 1AC FSC.

 V20Power/kW Width/mm Height/mm  Depth/mm 
 FSAD 2.2 136.6 176.5 158.8

The SINAMICS V20 FSAD converters also have a variant with an integrated class B filter which fulfills the requirements of the conducted and radiated emissions in the EN 61800-3 Category C1 EMC standard. With this integrated EMC filter, SINAMICS V20 FSAD converters are able to work in a more demanding environment, keeping the consistent performance with FSAA, FSAB and FSAC.

With the release of the new frame size, shield connection kit and replacement fan will be also upgraded to new versions. To smoothly migrate from old SINAMICS V20 FSC to new SINAMICS V20 FSAD, an adapter is provided as an option for easy installation. Other options stay the same.

Migration of existing SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSC products

The functionality of this new frame size is exactly the same as that of the existing SINAMICS V20. Users can directly copy parameters between the existing SINAMICS V20 products and the new SINAMICS V20 FSAD. Most technical features and specifications of SINAMICS V20 FSAD are the same as those of the existing products. Customers will benefit from the new enhancement with very low migration effort.

The new SINAMICS V20 FSAD will replace the existing SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSC products.


Article number

Phasing out SINAMICS V20 FSC
Article number

Category C16SL3210-5BB22-2BV16SL3210-5BB22-2AV0

A total of 3 new options are provided for new SINAMICS V20 FSAD. A new migration mounting kit (adapter) as a new option is also developed to help existing SINAMICS V20 customers easily adapt the cabinet to the new frame size without change of the drilling holes. Other options like SINAMICS V20 BOP, BOP interface, parameter loader, and SINAMICS V20 smart access are still available for SINAMICS V20 FSAD. 

OptionNEW option
Article number
SINAMICS V20 FSAD Shield connection kit6SL3266-1AV00-0VA0
SINAMICS V20 FSAD Migration mounting kit6SL3266-1EV00-0VA0
SINAMICS V20 FSAD Replacement Fan6SL3200-0UF07-0AA0

Market launch and migration plan

SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSAD will be launched in SPS in November 2019.

The delivery release of SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSAD is scheduled for November 29th 2019.

The announcement phase out of SINAMICS V20 1AC 230 V FSC is scheduled for October 1st 2020.

Further information

You can find further information here: www.siemens.com/sinamics-v20.

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