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SDI Air Quality Reference App

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Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI) provides an end-to-end comprehensive framework which allows data owners to interconnect data which is stored in multiple disconnected sources. SDI opens plethora of opportunities by enabling use cases where enterprises can now create, discover semantic based relationships across the disconnected enterprise data.

SDI Air Quality Reference App is a reference app powered by SDI for Smart Cities domain. It provides a dashboard to show air quality across major cities in North America. It correlates hourly air quality data from epa.gov and interconnects with monitoring stations locations on the map. With every data uploaded hourly, this app will show updated air quality status on the dashboard.

This app can be downloaded & deployed by Semantic Data Interconnect subscribers and work with SDI APIs using Postman collection provided. With Sample data ingested either via IDL or own data lakes, dashboard app can provide reference to build similar apps powered by SDI.

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