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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109772898, Entry date: 11/14/2019

Sales Release for SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Connectivity Kit for SIMOTICS SD 1LE5

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SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Connectivity Kit is released effective 2019-10-31 for possible retrofitting of motor variant SIMOTICS SD (1LE5.0) SH315-355. This release applies to sales in the European Economic Area (EEA), including Switzerland (CHE) and Turkey (TUR).

Since March 2019, it has been possible to order motor variant SIMOTICS SD (1LE5.0) with option G81 "Mounted SIMOTICS CONNECT 400". The connector and sensor box SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is mounted on the motor in the factory before it is shipped 109760264

With release of the SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Connectivity Kit, it is now possible to retrofit SIMOTICS SD (1LE5.0) motors delivered before March 2019 to them communication-capable and IQ Ready. This means that you will now also be able to monitor these motors with SIDRIVE IQ Fleet 109760251.

Positioning in the overall SIDRIVE IQ system landscape:

System architecture / schematic representation:

Product description SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Connectivity Kit:

Scope of delivery SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 Connectivity Kit

  • Connectivity module SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 including batteries
  • Metal bracket for mounting on the motor enclosure
  • Retaining screws
  • Assembly instructions


  • Connectivity module SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is delivered already screwed onto a metal bracket.

  • The adhesive is NOT included in the scope of delivery. We recommend using the following adhesive: Henkel Loctite HY 4090. This adhesive meets the requirements of this application and has been tested by us. Please procure the adhesive from your local specialist dealer.

Hardware information (SIMOTICS CONNECT 400)

  • Dimensions, 125 x 76 x 29 mm

  • Enclosure material: Durethane / Lexan

  • Degree of protection IP54; shockproof 3M4

  • Permissible temperature range in operation:  -40°C … +80°C

  • Permissible temperature range in storage:  -40°C … +85°C

  • Wireless connectivity (BLE, Wi-Fi)

  • Battery information: 4 x 3.6V Li/SOCl2 

  • Battery lifetime: up to 2 years
    (depending on the data recording, data transfer rate and environmental conditions)

  • Integrated sensors for capturing:
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Magnetic field

Measured values are transferred to MindSphere via WLAN, analyzed in SIDRIVE IQ Fleet – and shown as key performance indicators (KPI). Please refer to the product notification "Release for sale SIDRIVE IQ Fleet for SIMOTICS CONNECT 400" 109760251 for a list of available KPIs and other details.

Conditions for use of the SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 via the Connectivity Kit:

The restrictions listed in the "Release for sale SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 for line motors" 109760264 apply to the retrofit:

  • Converter motors are excluded (function expansion is planned for converter operation)

  • Use only in EWR, CHE, and TUR (further releases planned)

  • IP54 degree of protection

  • Motors including options from the enclosed exclusion list are not released for operation with SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

  Exclusion list (92.4 KB) 

For further details, contact your local Siemens sales partner.

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