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SIMATIC Industrial OS – the operating system for applications in the industrial environment

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With immediate effect, the SIMATIC Industrial OS V1.5 is available for the SIMATIC IPCs listed in the following. Version 1.5 is an update of V1.3 and offers extended hardware support and software functionality. The operating system is based on Debian 9 and has been specifically set up for the SIMATIC IPC.

The SIMATIC Industrial OS with its Linux-based operating system not only constitutes an alternative to the Microsoft Windows operating systems also available for the SIMATIC IPCs, it also offers a suitable solution to the challenges listed above.

The focus is on a small footprint, without unnecessary ballast, but with all components for fast commissioning and simple further development. It was put together and tested on the SIMATIC IPCs and can be used in industrial environments and other areas of application.

Major features:

  • It is based on Debian 9 (Long Term Support Kernel)
  • Real-time capable due to the "PREEMPT RT patch"
  • It has been set up and tested for and on SIMATIC IPC
  • Small footprint
  • Easy and fast installation via service USB Flash Drive and initial setup
  • It has already been prepared for the installation of additional components (e.g. Gnome desktop environment)
  • Simple integration of SIMATIC products/features (depending on the availability)
  • The service USB Flash Drive can be used as a local repository
  • Basic backup and restore concept via service USB Flash Drive
  • Optimum scalability and reusability, as only one image is provided for all SIMATIC IPCs
  • Unlimited use of existing advantages (freely available packages, basic update concept, etc.)
  • Same product support as for other SIMATIC products (in accordance with the general terms and conditions)

Highlights of the version 1.5

The following new functions are now included:

  • PROFINET driver for standard Ethernet and CP1625
  • Support of additional IPCs
  • Firewall, can be configured in the initial setup
  • WinCC OA "IOT Suite OPA Client", can be configured in the initial setup
  • Development packets can be installed, can be selected in the initial setup
  • Diagnostics packet of the IPCs extended


The SIMATIC Industrial OS can be obtained via the Industry Mall using OSD.
The scope of delivery of the download includes the images V1.5 and V1.3 for the USB Flash Drive, an installation guide, the product information, and the license certificate.

After the download, the service Flash Drive image is transferred onto a USB Flash Drive, then the system is booted via this USB Flash Drive.
The operating systems are then transferred to the IPC and initial commissioning is performed.
See the installation instructions for detailed information.

Devices released

A system test has been performed with SIMATIC IPCs for the SIMATIC Industrial OS.
The following SIMATIC IPCs have been released by Siemens for SIMATIC Industrial OS Version 1.5:

  • SIMATIC IPC227E/277E
  • SIMATIC IPC327E/377E
  • SIMATIC IPC427E/477E
  • SIMATIC IPC527G/547G *

*  see SIMATIC Industrial OS V1.5 Product Information : 109766728 


Using the SIMATIC Industrial OS on one of the released SIMATIC IPCs in combination with a SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel, the following applies to all devices equipped with a touchscreen: With the exception of SIMATIC IPC377E, only multi-touch devices are supported.
Licensing and rights of use

We grant you the non-exclusive, perpetual right to install SIMATIC Industrial OS in one (1) instance only on one of the SIMATIC IPCs stated under "Devices released". No further rights of use are granted.

In addition, the statements in the Certificate of License (CoL) and the general conditions for licensing automation and drives software are applicable.

You can find the copyright notes on the third-party software, especially Open Source Software, contained in this product as well as applicable license conditions for this type of third-party software in the "OSS.READMEs" folder of the service Flash Drive image.

Special note for resellers

The information and the license conditions in the OSS.README files must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

Minimum requirements

  • USB Flash Drive with a minimum memory size of 8 GB
  • SIMATIC IPC (see released devices) with at least 4 GB free memory space on the target storage medium (CFAST, SSD, etc.).

Ordering data

The SIMATIC Industrial OS (V1.3 and V1.5) can be ordered via Online Software Delivery (OSD).


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SIMATIC Industrial OS


 Note: One SIMATIC Industrial OS version each is required for each SIMATIC IPC.

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