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Download firmware SCALANCE W1700 IEEE 802.11acV2.0.0

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This firmware update V2.0.0 can be used for SCALANCE W1700 IEEE 802.11ac products and replaces the older firmware version V1.1.0.

Article numbers involved (MLFB):

Product name

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Article numbers (US)

SCALANCE W1788-1 M12



SCALANCE W1788-2 M12









SCALANCE W1748-1 M12




New functions:

  • industrial Parallel Redundancy Protocol (iPRP): Support of the "iPRP" iFeature for SCALANCE W1780 access points and SCALANCE W1740 clients.
  • WLAN client: The 'Client mode' operating mode is available in the SCALANCE W1700 IEEE 802.11ac access points.
  • SINEC NMS: SCALANCE W1700 devices are supported in the network management system SINEC NMS.
  • WBM Basic Wizard: Configuration of the most important parameters for SCALANCE W1700 access points and clients is available.
  • CLP for iFeatures: Support of the new removable storage media SCALANCE CLP 2GB W1780 and SCALANCE CLP 2GB W1740 for enabling iFeatures (e.g. iPRP) and saving configuration data.
  • The channel bandwidth of 160 MHz is supported with a theoretical maximum transmission rate of 866.7 Mbps in some countries.
  • Adaptations to the Syslog messages according to IEC 62443-3-3. This means that these events can be integrated more easily into a central monitoring system (SIEM).
  • Secure SMTP client: Authentication and transfer of encrypted emails to the SMTP server is possible.
  • Configurable standard ports: The standard ports can be changed for some services (e.g. Telnet).
  • Extended configuration of the management interfaces: Deactivation of HTTPs possible, for example.
  • Discovery and Set via DCP: Searching for network devices and adapting certain parameters via the Discovery Configuration Protocol (DCP) on one interface is possible.
  • PROFINET: Support of the PROFINET functionalities S2 system redundancy and CiR (Configuration in Run).
  • The wireless approval list in the firmware has been updated. For more precise information relating to the approval status of the various device variants, see www.siemens.com/mobilenetwork-approvals and the 'countrylist' available in the device.


Changes/bug fixes:

  • New "Auto Layer 2 Tunnel" MAC mode automatically uses either "Own" or "Layer 2 Tunnel" MAC mode
  • Extended display when configuring channel bandwidth 80 MHz and 160 MHz
  • Optimized stability in connections via WDS with WPA2-PSK encryption
  • Default values for WLAN mode, AMDP-U and frequency band have been adjusted
  • Faulty check on entry of IPv6 addresses in the SNMP trap has been corrected
  • CLI scripts can be uploaded via DHCP options 66/67
  • Malfunction in the configuration of IPv6 with an MTU smaller than 1280 bytes has been corrected
  • Number of entries for event and WLAN authentication log has been increased
  • Incorrect display of the CRC counters in the Ethernet statistics has been corrected
  • General optimizations to improve your user experience with SCALANCE W and to help you so that your system runs better than before.  

Config Version: 02.00



  • This version contains security-related improvements which increase ruggedness. We recommend performing an update.
  • iPRP reduces the number of duplicated packets with different transfer paths. Some applications cannot handle the remaining duplicates well.
  • Increased frame losses can occur sporadically when the dual AP function and iPRP are used.
  • SCALANCE W1700 devices with internal antennas do not currently support VHT-160 channel bandwidth.
  • As changes may occur in the national approvals while the documentation for the firmware is being completed, there may be differences between the national approvals listed in V2.0.0 and the Compact Operating Instructions. At the time of release, the settings according to the country list of firmware V2.0.0 are valid. There is no approval available yet for some countries or channels. These are marked with an asterisk in the Web Based Management and Command Line Interface. The currently available national approvals can be found in the list of wireless approvals under www.siemens.com/wireless-approvals
  • In addition to this, the country list suitable for your device is available to download directly in the Web Based Management. To download the list, open the "System" folder in the Web interface of the corresponding SCALANCE W1700 product and click "Load&Save". In the "CountryList" row, the country list matching your SCALANCE W1700 product can be downloaded by clicking "Save".
  • Only the Primary Setup Tool version 4.2 is compatible with firmware version 2.0.0


Third-party software - license conditions and copyright notes

You can find the copyright information for third-party software contained in this product, particularly open source software, as well as applicable license conditions of such third-party software in the ReadMe_OSS file. 

Special note for resellers

The information and the license conditions in the Readme_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.
   OSS_SCALANCE-W1700_86.pdf (12.7 MB)



SCALANCE W1700 firmware V2.0.0

For the SCALANCE W1700 devices, download the following zipped file "SCALANCE_W1700_V02_00_00.zip". This file contains:




Firmware file for




SNMP MIB file for SCALANCE W-1700


eds file for SCALANCE W-1700



You can download the file here.

 Registrierung notwendig  SCALANCE_W1700_V02_00_00.zip (22.9 MB)


Then open the "System" folder in the Web interface of the corresponding SCALANCE W1700 product and click "Load & Save". The file "SCALANCE_W1700_V02_00_00.zip" can now be imported by clicking "Load" in the "Firmware" row. Once the firmware has been successfully loaded into the SCALANCE W product, a restart is required (a browser restart is also recommended). Information on loading new firmware can be found in the configuration manual.

Security information
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