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Information on the "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019"

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An updated and extended "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019" is available for the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM.

This article includes all the information on compatibility, conformity, device integration and updates of device description packages, as well as on restrictions on the use of this device library.

The device library "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019" is supplied as a software package together with the SIMATIC PDM V9.1 Upd6 or is available as a download (see Entry ID: 109774130).

This entry includes hyperlinks to third-party websites. Before using these hyperlinks, read the notes in Paragraph 7 (Hyperlinks) of the Terms of Use.

1 Introduction

The Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM can be used to process a variety of field/process devices from Siemens and other manufacturers using a user interface. The devices integrated by means of device-specific or profile-specific device description packages (Electronic Device Descriptions - EDD or Field Device Integration Package - FDI) are part of the device list "Device Library 1#2019 - Integrated Process Devices" included as an annex in Section 4 (Device integration and update).

This device list also includes the device libraries of the FieldComm Group (HART Communication and Foundation Fieldbus) that are completely integrated respectively and that therefore cannot be split.

The device descriptions for the other communication types (e.g. PROFIBUS DP/PA) are provided directly by the manufacturers. Since they are provided individually, they can also be imported individually.

2 Compatibility

You can generally use previously used device descriptions from an earlier version of the device library. However, adaptations in the international standards and specifications on which they are based have resulted in changes in the basic libraries of SIMATIC PDM. In addition, many device manufacturers have corrected or extended their device descriptions. We therefore recommend that you only use the Device Library 1#2019 for SIMATIC PDM V9.1 Upd3. By importing the device descriptions of the Device Library 1#2019, you generally also automatically update all device descriptions used in the projects.

In order to comply with the requirements of international specifications and standards, SIMATIC PDM had to be modified as well with regard to interpretation and test functions. Consequently and due to the ongoing technical improvement of the device description language (Electronic Device Description – DDL/EDDL), field device manufacturers have updated some of their device descriptions. This may result in an incompatibility with earlier versions of SIMATIC PDM. This means you cannot use the complete Device Library 1#2019 with SIMATIC PDM versions older than V9.1. Individual device descriptions from the Device Library 1#2019 may be used additively in these earlier versions following prior testing. Make sure to consult the conformity statements of the field device manufacturers in this regard. For information on conformity refer to the table "ListOfIntegratedDevices.htm" in "Device Library 1#2019 - Integrated Process Devices" on DVD 2/2.

The following libraries of international organizations are integrated in the SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019:

  • EDD basic library V2.0.5 of the organization "PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI-Lib)
  • Complete HART 2014#4 library of the FieldComm Group
  • FF Device Library V6 (3.80) of the FieldComm Group

Many device descriptions also use contents of these libraries as basic functions. This means you have to import at least one field device from the Device Library 1#2019 after a new installation or an upgrade. The import updates all required basic elements of the libraries.

With SIMATIC PDM V9.1, you are able to integrate field device description packages based on FDI (Field Device Integration) technology into the device library. The integration is only effected on the basis of the FDI specification V1.2 and does not include support for UIP (User Interface Plugin) components contained in the device description packages. It is recommended to use only the FDI device description packages included in the Device Library 1#2019.The SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019 and the embedded libraries of international organizations can be used as follows with the different SIMATIC PDM versions:

 Device Library 1#2019SIMATIC PDM V5.x/V6.x/V7.x  SIMATIC PDM V8.x/V9.0.xSIMATIC PDM V9.1.x 
 Use of single devices
 (EDD device packages)
 No Conditional
 (compatibility test required) 
 Use of PI-Lib V2.0.5  No Yes Yes
 Use of HCF-Lib
 No Conditional
 (compatibility test required) 
 Use of FF DD Library
 No No Yes
 Use of single devices
 (FDI device packages) 
 corresponding to FDI V1.2 
 No No Yes

When using third-party devices, make sure to read the notes regarding warranty and liability in Section 7 below as well as Chapter 4 of the readme file of SIMATIC PDM (supplement to the "General License Conditions for Software Products For Automation and Drives").

3 Conformity/Quality Assurance

To ensure conformity of the device descriptions with international specifications and to guarantee high quality during device integration in SIMATIC PDM, only device descriptions which can prove conformity by means of a certificate of conformity are integrated into the Device Library as of January 1, 2011. These certificates have to show that the device descriptions:

  • are free of known syntax and semantic errors.
  • have passed a function test (user interfaces, menu items, configurations, export and import) in offline mode.
  • have passed a function test (user interfaces, menu items, communication) in online mode.

The certificate of conformity is drawn up and maintained by the owner of the devices or by a service agent commissioned by the owner of the devices. Certificates of conformity refer to one SIMATIC PDM version. Within a main version of SIMATIC PDM (e.g. V9.x) they are valid as of the certified subversion (e.g. V9.0 SP1 or V9.0.1). A certificate of conformity regarding SIMATIC PDM is usually not available for field device descriptions in libraries of international organizations.

4 Device Integration and Update

The following device list "Device Library 1#2019 - List of the Integrated Devices" includes all device descriptions of the "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019" including update information. 

Device Library 1#2019 - Integrated Process Devices:

 Registrierung notwendig  List of the integrated devices 

Hash code: 78942DD23C3C1E531B3155C1C91487EB1CF244CD99D3236A0FAA3AD35808E338 

The table below shows an excerpt of the newly adopted or updated devices. This list does not claim to be complete. Further information is made available with the device library or by the device manufacturer.

ManufacturerCommunicationIntegration typeNumberComment
Endress+HauserPROFIBUS PAEDD3New
Endress+HauserPROFIBUS PAEDD3Update
Foxboro EckhardtPROFIBUS PAEDD2Update
Siemens MilltronicsPROFIBUS PAEDD2Update
Endress+HauserPROFIBUS DPEDD2New
Endress+Hauser HARTFDI/EDD6New
Endress+Hauser HARTEDD11Update
Krohne HARTEDD2New
PR Electronics HARTEDD1New
Siemens AG HARTEDD7New


Siemens Milltronics HARTEDD3Update
Siemens AG ModbusEDD4New
Siemens AG ModbusEDD1Update

The following libraries can only be imported as a whole:

  • HART Device Library 2014#4 of the Field Comm Group (FCG)
  • FF Device Library V6 (3.80) of the Field Comm Group (FCG)

The included device descriptions cannot be imported individually. The EDD basic library V2.0.5 of the "PROFIBUS & PROFINET International organization (PI-Lib) is imported by the system.
Integration of new device descriptions
If there is a need or interest to integrate additional device descriptions into the SIMATIC PDM Device Library, observe the following:

  • Siemens AG does not itself integrate any device descriptions of field device manufacturers in the EDD Device Library of SIMATIC PDM.
  • To this end, it has negotiated appropriate service agreements with selected partner companies (see Entry ID 50898953).
  • If necessary, please contact the field device manifacturers on the procedure for integration in the device library.

Device descriptions can be integrated for the following types of communication:

  • HART
  • MODBUS (on request)
  • Ethernet (on request)
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus

5 Ordering and delivery

The Device Library 1#2019 is included in the scope of delivery of the Process Device Manager SIMATIC PDM. It is also available as a download (see Entry ID: 109757599).
It is recommended to sign a Service and Update Agreement. With this contract, you automatically receive general mistake corrections, device library updates and SIMATIC PDM product upgrades.

6 Information and documentation for SIMATIC PDM

Information and order data for SIMATIC PDM is available in the Industry Mall as well as the ST PCS 7 catalog under SIMATIC PCS 7, System Components, Plant Device Management.
Further information on SIMATIC PDM as well as device descriptions for installation can be found on the Internet at: 
Product information/manual
The SIMATIC PDM product documentation is delivered electronically with the software. It is also part of the technical documentation of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system that is available at the following link: 

7 Additional product-specific conditions for software use

Please observe the special product-specific conditions for SIMATIC PDM in addition to the "General License Conditions for Software Products For Automation and Drives":

Warranty and liability
Siemens does not extend a warranty for the following device description packages (Electronic Device Descriptions-EDDs / Field Device Integration Packages-FDI Packages / Device Descriptions-DDs) and for proper interaction between these device description packages and the associated devices. Siemens is also explicitly not liable for damage resulting from the use of the following device description packages in connection with the associated devices:

  • Device-specific device description packages for third-party devices (Siemens' warranty extends only up to the interface)
  • Non-device-specific device description packages, e.g. DDs that meet the PROFIBUS PA profiles or the Universal or Common Practice Commands of HART
  • Device description packages of the HCF library in the device library (DVD 2/2)
  • Device description packages of the FF library in the device library (DVD 2/2)
  • Device description packages that were integrated via device description import

Important note for device descriptions delivered with SIMATIC PDM
The Device Library supplied with SIMATIC PDM includes device description packages (EDDs, FDIs) from Siemens and other device manufacturers. However, Siemens is only responsible for the device descriptions of the Siemens devices. Siemens provides the device descriptions of other device manufacturers free of charge to simplify handling. Siemens only guarantees correct copying onto the data medium of the provided device descriptions of other manufacturers.

The licensee has the right to use the device description packages of these devices in accordance with the "General License Conditions for Software Products For Automation and Drives" as a trial license. The licensee has this right of use for as long as he has the right of use for the SIMATIC PDM software.

8 Customer Support

Siemens offers Service & Support in every project phase: from planing and commissioning to maintenace and modernisation. You can get an overview of the entire range of services on the internet: 


A clearly arranged entry page to the Industry Online Support for SIMATIC PCS 7 improves the findability of technical information and solutions:

http://www.siemens.de/industry/onlinesupport/pcs7 (german)

http://www.siemens.com/industry/onlinesupport/pcs7 (english)

With a newsletter subscription you always receive the latest information about your product range. Under mySupport you have the possibility to subscribe:


You can request assistance from technical support (hotline) via the support request procedure:

http://support.industry.siemens.com/My/ww/de/requests (german)

http://support.industry.siemens.com/My/ww/en/requests (english)

9 Restrictions

Device test/quality inspection
According to the "General License Conditions for Software Products For Automation and Drives" and the disclaimer for warranty of third-party devices, Siemens does not test the function of devices from other manufacturers. The device descriptions of third-party devices are only checked for known syntax and semantic errors. The test results are submitted to the suppliers of the device descriptions. 
Device library HCF-Lib

The fully integrated device library HCF-Lib of the HART Communication Foundation also includes faulty or non-functional device descriptions. These cannot be deleted by Siemens. The "HCF 1#2019" file below lists device descriptions that may not work properly with SIMATIC PDM. Since not every device description was checked or tested explicitly, the list does not claim to be complete.

  HCF 1#2019  

The use of problematic device descriptions does not usually result in SIMATIC PDM malfunctions or errors in the project data. If you want to use a device for which you have a problematic device description, we recommend that you request a corrected device description from the device manufacturer.

Device library FF
The "FF 1#2019" file below lists device descriptions of the FF Device Library V3.80 of the Fieldbus Foundation that may not work properly with SIMATIC PDM or are not supported by SIMATIC PDM. These were not integrated in the "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019".

Since no complete function test was performed for FF field devices, and only the offline functions (import, compilation, configuration) were tested automatically, the "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019" may include additional device descriptions of FF field devices with errors or non-supported functions (especially online functions). We therefore recommend that you conduct a function test for FF field devices before you use them in a SIMATIC PCS 7 project. If you find non-functional device descriptions during the test, please inform the Technical Support team for SIMATIC PDM.

 It is prohibited to import individual device descriptions of FF field devices into SIMATIC PDM that are not part of the "SIMATIC PDM Device Library 1#2019" or have not been approved by the Technical Support team for SIMATIC PDM. This can cause malfunctions.

  FF Blacklist 1#2019 

The "FF_Used_Devices" file below lists device descriptions that have passed a function test with SIMATIC PDM or have been used successfully in projects with SIMATIC PDM.


Cancellation of device packages
The following file "Cancellation_device_packages_1_2019" lists device descriptions that were removed from the device library at the request of the owner.


Security information
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