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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109774197, Entry date: 12/20/2019

SINAMICS S120 - Conversion of the 24V DC connector

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Effective immediately, the 24V DC power supply connectors for diverse SINAMICS S120 components are to be converted to a push-in variant.

The new push-in (cage clamp) connectors for the 24V DC power supply were modified for the following S120 components as of November 2019:

  • Sensor Modules SMC10, SMC20, SMC30, VSM10
  • Terminal Modules TM15, TM31, TM41, TM120, TM150, TM54F, TB30
  • Control Units CU310-2 PN/DP, CU305 PN/DP, CUA31/32
  • DRIVE CLiQ Hub Module DMC20
  • Active Interface Modules AIM 16KW, 36KW, 55KW, 80KW, 120KW

New push-in (cage clamp) connector, front view

New push-in (cage clamp) connector, rear view

Old screw-type connector with screw terminal (front view)

Old screw-type connector with screw terminal (rear view)

Terminalmarking of the new connector:

The two "+" and "M" terminals are jumpered in the connector. This ensures the supply voltage is looped through.

The conversion also applies when ordering the connector as a spare part under the order number 6SL3065-2AA00-0AA0
(minimum order quantity 5 units)

The following components are not affected by the conversion:
- CU320-2 PN/DP
- Hydraulic linear drive (HLA)
as well as all discontinued components (>M400) and components with screwed gland versions (e.g. CU320-2) 

It is possible to freely mix old and new connectors.

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