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SINAMICS SDC: Serial Drive Commissioner

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The openness application SINAMICS SDC (Serial Drive Commissioner) provides functionality to copy, update and download multiple drives. The PROFINET drives of the SINAMICS G product line and SINAMICS S210 included in SINAMICS Startdrive are supported.
When commissioning series of drives, the time expenditure of entering parameters for identical drives is an important factor. Multiple drives are frequently given identical parameters, yet each drive must be configured by hand, its parameters entered, and loaded.

The SINAMICS SDC (Serial Drive Commissioner) application supports the creation of arbitrarily many drives with the help of a master drive. As an option, the copies can be interfaced to the same IO system as the master and a partner port interconnection (topology) from copy to copy can be performed.

Moreover, using SINAMICS SDC the configuration of a master drive can be transferred to any number of compatible drives. Drivespecific properties such as PROFINET settings, the PROFIsafe address, I/O addresses and the partner port interconnection are retained.

All drive profiles can then be loaded from the offline project to the drives. Once loading is complete the safety parameters can also be copied, and the obligatory failsafe copying of the driver parameters (RAM to ROM) can be performed.

The devices of the SINAMICS G product line and SINAMICS S210 drives are supported.


Excerpt of the presentation of the SINAMICS SDC from the SITRAIN Expert Talk on 12.11.2020

  Documentation (1,4 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS SDC V1.2.zip (10,6 MB)
SHA-256 checksum: 5F297621F8CA8F07B5E1CDAE8F417D625095A698B286D210F4C893FD378C7029


  • V1.2

    • New
      • Presetting of telegram addresses
      • Copying of safety parameters (Basic/Extended) for G120 and S210
      • Restart and upload of the drives
      • Set PG/PC interface in drive
    • Improvements
      • Undo step for each change in TIA Portal
      • Changes are only transferred to the project if no errors have occurred
      • Selection of PG/PC interface is saved
      • Loading display when loading the project
      • Loading time significantly reduced
    • Fixed
      • SINAMICS SDC can not be opened
      • IO addresses are changed
      • Device name is changed
  • V1.1

    • Fixed bug in partner port connection
    • Group drives by drive typ and power rating
    • Selection dialog for TIA projects can be opened manually
    • Copy of safety parameters is now only supported for extended safety
    • UI performance improvements
    • Logging improvements
  • V1.0
    • Erste Ausgabe
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