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POWERMANAGER 3.5: Energy Datapoint Archiving Smoothing

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There is a problem with archiving energy values in Powermanager V3.5. This problem can occur if a new project is created in PM V3.5 or if an older PM version is upgraded. The problem occurs whenever a device is created or the device configurations are changed.

The problem is that the values of the energy data points are only archived if the two consecutive values for one energy data point differ by 0.5%.

In previous versions of the Powermanager this worked perfectly and the energy data point values were always archived without any condition.
In order to rectify the aforementioned problem, please install the enclosed patch.

The steps for provisioning are described below:

1. Finish the project.

2. Extract the appendix Energie_Datapoint_Archive_Smoothing_Patch.zip - see below.

3. Open the "scripts" folder in the unpacked Energie_Datapoint_Archive_Smoothing_Patch.zip. Copy the entire content and insert it into <proj_dir>\scripts.

4. Start the project.

5. Add a Control Manager to the Powermanager console. (See the diagram below.)

6. Add "Update_Archive_Smoothing.ctl" to the Options field.

7. Set the start mode to manual and click on OK.

8. Start the Control Manager.

9. The Control Manager is stopped automatically.

10. Then stop the project.

11. Restart the project.

After successfully executing the aforementioned steps, the problem on smoothing the metered value will be solved.


 Registrierung notwendig  Energy_Datapoint_Archive_Smoothing_Patch.zip (125.0 KB)

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