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SIMATIC Robot Integrator for standard kinematics and for KUKA robots

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Industrial robots from various robot manufacturers can be programmed and operated by using a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller. For this purpose, the manufacturer-specific block libraries in the TIA Portal are used, which provide all the necessary function blocks. The SIMATIC Robot Integrator for standard kinematics and for KUKA robots shows how a combined project for various robot manufacturers could look like.

This SIMATIC Robot Integrator is intended to show how the individual SIMATIC Robot Integrator of the robot manufacturers can be combined in one project. The aim is to implement a uniform user interface for the control and programming of different manufacturers.

The SIMATIC Robot Integrator shows the combination of the SIMATIC Robot Integrator for KUKA and the SIMATIC Robot Integrator for standard kinematics, which contains many functions that can also be operated via the supplied HMI. Among other things, you will find the functions on the 

  • Axis and cartesian movement of the robots
  • Teach-in of individual positions
  • Teaching and driving of complete path curves with consideration of adjustable indexing conditions
  • Configuration of tool and base coordinate systems
  • Display of diagnostic messages of the robots
  • Language switching between German and English

Below you will find selected screenshots of the user interface of the KTP900F.

Figure 1: Overview-Screen

Figure 2: Start screen KUKA

Figure 3: Start screen Kinematics

SIMATIC Robot Integrators for the manufacturers KUKA, DENSO, STÄUBLI and YASKAWA are currently available for the use of the individual libraries. Furthermore, the SIMATIC Robot Integrator for standard kinematics shows how, using the same approach, 2-4-axis kinematics can be programmed via a SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU using technology objects and the internal "Motion Control" function blocks.

All functions implemented in this SIMATIC Robot Integrator are also available in the individual SIMATIC Robot Integrator for the respective robot manufacturers.

Two HMIs with identical functions are also included. They are optimized for the TP1500 Comfort Panel and the KTP900F Mobile Panel.

The corresponding documentation explains step by step how to use the SIMATIC Robot Integrator and the structure in the TIA Portal. The answers to various problems and frequently asked questions are then given.

Further information
To access the SIMATIC Robot Integrator click the following link, open a new support request using the product name “TIA Robotics Library” and add the information, that you are requesting the SIMATIC Robot Integrator for standard kinematics and for KUKA robots:

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