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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109778216, Entry date: 02/24/2020

Availability and fields of application of the MM (Multi Media) Memory Card, 128 MB for SIMATIC HMI Classic Panels

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As from the first quarter 2020, the MM memory card is only available with restrictions. Details in this entry.
Important product note

Due to short-term and limited last-time buy, only a restricted quantity of this memory card is available.

Card type

Article number

Start of delivery

Status 2020-02-20

MM Card 128 MB Classic Panels


Already done



The original may deviate from the picture

To ensure that these memory cards are still available to HMI Classic customers for a limited period of time, we will successively initiate the following measures.
  • A delivery stop for orders exceeding 3 units was declared on Feb. 20, 2020. This means that a maximum of 3 units per order can be ordered from now on. In general, all larger orders are rejected.
  • As the intended use is not identifiable and a significantly higher number of storage media than SIMATIC Panels is sold, it must be assumed that many of these storage cards are not used on SIMATIC Panels.
  • If the sales figures do not decrease in the near future as a result of the order restriction measure, this memory card will be declared a spare part . It is then only available in the spare parts store. The spare parts price is set such that it will be interesting for true SIMATIC HMI customers only. However, the memory card is clearly cheaper than a retrofit measure for the whole SIMATIC Panel.
  • All other applications can already be migrated to the successor SD memory. These SD storage media are more powerful and have a significantly higher storage volume.
  • As successor memory for SIMATIC HMI Panels, a successor type, which you can use from now on, is also available (see table below).
  • No alternative is provided for C7 devices. If the MM Card 128 MB is required for specific applications, you can only retrofit the system to the state of the art.

Field of application for memory cards

Type to be phased out

Article number 

Type (Indoor)

Usable on the following HMI platforms with corresponding SLOT:


MM Card 128 MB

OP 77B, TP/OP 177B,

TP/OP 277, C7-635,

MP 177, MP 277, MP 377,

Mobile Panel 177,

Mobile Panel 277


Article number


Usable on the following HMI platforms with corresponding SLOT:


SD Card 512 MB

OP77A               from FS13   1), 3),

OP77B               from  FS11   1), 3),

TP177B color     from  FS16   1), 3),

TP177B mono   from FS16   1), 3),

OP177B color    from FS14   1), 3),

OP177B mono   from FS14   1), 3),

TP/OP 2771),

Mobile Panel 1771),

MP 177, MP 277, MP 377,

Mobile Panel 277,

MP377 up to and including FS:042),

1) Usable as from WinCC flexible 2008 SP1

2) FS/ES = Production version or development version

3) Smaller production versions can be upgraded against costs (standard process)

Article number 


Usable on the following HMI platforms with corresponding SLOT:


SD Card 2 GB

MP377 as from and including FS:05**,

Comfort Panels,

Mobile Panel KTP400, KTP700 and KTP900

 ** FS/ES = Production version or development version

Further topical technical specifications and compatibility information can be found at any time in the SIEMENS Online Support, by stating the article number.

And in the Siemens Mall (can be downloaded)

Please always take note of the equipment manual of the target device when using the storage media.

 ! Important note:

Formatting of the storage media irrevocably destroys the "hidden" system files that were loaded at the factory .

The data storage medium can then no longer be used as a system card. The data storage medium is then only to be used for storing standard files. 

Any warranty is excluded in the case of formatting by the user! 

See also FAQs, entry ID: 95853895 95853895 


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