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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109778635, Entry date: 09/23/2020

Delivery release SIMATIC Field PG M6, Edition 2020, with TIA Portal V16

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Update: S5 support option is still available. The pre-installed SIMATIC automation software means that the Field PG M6 device can always be used immediately. Within the context of the start of delivery of the SIMATIC Field PG M6, Edition 2020, it is possible to use latest engineering functions of TIA Portal V16. In addition, interessting new hardware ordering options are offered.

The SIMATIC Field PG M6 will continue to be available in two processor versions:

  • SIMATIC Field PG M6 Comfort, equipped with Intel Core i5-8400H (2.5 to 4.2 GHz; 4 cores + Hyper-Threading; 8 MB Smart Cache)
  • SIMATIC Field PG M6 Advanced, equipped with Intel Core i7-8850H (2.6 to 4.3 GHz; 6 cores + Hyper-Threading; 9 MB Smart Cache)

From now on, these two versions can be configured as follows:

Hardware features

Configuration options 

 RAM (2 banks)


· 1x 8 GB

· 1x 16 GB

· 1x 32 GB NEW!

· 2x 32 GB NEW!

Hard disk drive

2.5" SATA *)

· 256 GB SSD

· 512 GB SSD

· 2 TB SSD

S5 support

· Without S5 support

· With S5 online interface/S5 EPROMMER; including STEP 5 license, S5 PLC cable and S5 EPROM adapter

Power plug and keyboard


· Power plug for Europe; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY

· Power plug for Europe; keyboard: AZERTY (France)

· Power plug for Italy; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY

· Power plug for Switzerland; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY

· Power plug for USA; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY

· Power plug for UK; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY

· Power plug for China; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY; including CCC certification

· without power plug; keyboard: QWERTZ/QWERTY;



· without M.2 SSD

· 512 GB SSD NVME (M.2) NEW!

· 1 TB SSD NVME (M.2) NEW!

Operating system

· Windows 10 Enterprise (Version 1903) 64-bit NEW!

· without operating system NEW!

Licenses for SIMATIC software

· Trial (restricted use for 14 to 21 days)

· STEP 7 & WinCC & Safety Advanced in the TIA Portal (floating licenses for TIA Portal)SINEMA RC Client 2.0

· STEP 7 & WinCC & Safety Advanced Combo

(floating licenses for TIA Portal and STEP 7 2017 or WinCC flexible 2008)SINEMA RC Client 2.0

 *) If an M.2 NVME SSD is choosen, this is the primary drive with operating system installed. Otherwise 2.5" SATA SSD will be used as primary drive.

The following software is pre-installed on the device - if the customer orders the device with operating system:

• STEP 7 Professional V16 (TIA Portal)
• STEP 7 Professional V13 SP2 (TIA Portal)
• STEP 7 Professional 2017 SR2
• WinCC Advanced V16 (TIA Portal)
• WinCC Advanced V13 SP2 (TIA Portal)
• WinCC flexible Advanced 2008 SP5
• Safety Advanced V16 (TIA Portal)
• Safety Advanced V13 SP2 (TIA Portal)
• Distributed Safety 5.4 SP5
• PLCSim V16
• PLCSim V13 SP2
• SINEMA Remote Connect Client 2.0
• Optional package: STEP 5 

Availability of S5 support 

Configuration of S5 support is still possible even after end of product life cycle for SIMATIC S5 has been reached 109776026 

Software Update Service (SUS) for SIMATIC software:

With the optionally available SIMATIC SW licenses, you have the option of a Software Update Service (SUS) for each individual software product (STEP 7 Professional, Safety Advanced and WinCC Advanced). As soon as such an SUS agreement has been entered into, the latest software – whether that be a newly available upgrade or service pack – is delivered direct to your door or made available as a download. Because the Software Update Service is not included in the scope of delivery of the SIMATIC software pre-installed on the Field PG M6, it needs to be ordered separately.

You can find more information on SUS (particularly SUS download) in the following entry: 77363761 

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