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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109778756, Entry date: 03/31/2020

Delivery release: SIMATIC TDC, SM500 DI/DQ

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New signal module SIMATIC TDC SM500 DI/DQ

The new signal module SM500 DI/DQ offers digital in- and outputs. 


The module provides

  • 16 digital inputs
  • 16 digital outputs
  • 2 LED for status display of SM500 DI/DQ
  • 6 LED can be individually controlled by means of function block BIQ8

Interface modules are to be used for connecting the module's in- and outputs to process values.


The new SM500 DI/DQ is not available in HW Config in D7-SYS V9.0 (and earlier versions).
Instead SM500 (6DD1640-0AH0) with only digital in- and outputs can be configured.

SM500 DI/DQ is spare part compatible to SM500 (6DD1640-0AH0) if no analog in- and outputs and encoder inputs are used.


Hardware SIMATIC TDC, System manual 8776697 

Ordering data for accessories

Cable SC62 (50-pole/5*10-pole) 6DD1684-0GC0
Cable SC63 (50-pole/50-pole) 6DD1684-0GD0
Interface module SU12, 10 terminals, 1:1 6DD1681-0AJ1
Interface module SU13, 50 terminals, 1:1 6DD1681-0GK0
Interface module SB10, 8 DI or 8 DQ, LED, 1:1 6DD1681-0AE2
Interface module SB60, 8 DI, LED, electric isolation, 120V  6DD1681-0AF4
Interface module SB61, 8 DI, LED, electric isolation, 24V/48V 6DD1681-0EB3
Interface module SB70, 8 DQ, LED, electric isolation, 120V 6DD1681-0AG2
Interface module SB71, 8 DQ, LED, electric isolation, 24V/48V 6DD1681-0DH1
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