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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109779014, Entry date: 06/17/2020

Delivery Release: Power Monitoring Software powermanager V3.6 HF1

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The modern and intuitive power monitoring software powermanager offers along with the measuring devices 7KT/7KM PAC an easy access to a power management solution. The software supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry and infrastructure sector to enhance the energy transparency and to reduce energy costs.

With the power monitoring software powermanager V3.6 HF1 all measured values are collected, which are required for
power consumption optimization and corresponding cost reductions. This includes energy and power values as well
as electrical characteristics such as current, voltage and power factor. Besides electrical measuring values also non
electrical energy values can be integrated to the system either via pulse measurement or dedicated measuring
devices featuring communication interfaces. The values are not only displayed, but can also be monitored and
archived for future evaluation.

For optimization of power demand values, the data can be visualized and compared via a trend view of the load

Evaluations can be done easily with predefined report templates as cost center allocation, variance analysis, energy
evaluations as well as a duration curve report. The report handling can also be access via a standard Web browser.
User defined reports can be created as well. Sending an automated email with the final report is another highlight of
the user friendliness of the software.

By use of the load monitoring functionality power demand limits can be observed and if required switching
recommendations can be given.

The calculation and display of KPIs (Key performance indicators) can be executed as easy as displaying the values
with dashboards.

Powermanager is the optimized technical basis for a power management system in accordance with ISO 50001
norm, of course with the certificate of conformity.

  • Independent power monitoring software.
  • Operation using a PC and measuring devices with Ethernet connection.
  • Expandable from the simple standard application to a fully flexible customer solution.
  • Fully scalable with regard to the number of devices and the software's functions.
  • Ensures optimum integration of measuring and power quality devices 7KT/7KM PAC, as well as circuit
    breakers 3WL/3VL/3VA, but also any other Modbus device.
  • This version consists of all functions of the previous versions and service packs.

The following enhancements are realized in powermanager V3.6 HF1 compared to V3.5

  • support of new PAC meters (PAC3120, PAC3220)
  • in all workflows e.g. device generation, report definition etc.
  • updated dashboards to cover the features of the new PAC's
  • information about license contract and usage of Open Source Software are provided to the user during software installation process
  • manual provides overview of ports to be used by powermanager to ensure seamless operation of the software in case of firewall operation
  • The default settings of SENTRON powermanager V3.5 und V3.6 leads to data to be stored in the archive structure inconsistently. This can cause deviations of data in the long term archive.

    Counter measures are described in SIOS FAQ https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109780303.

    SENTRON powermanager V3.6 HF1 adjusts the default settings to the desired archives. After upgrading to V3.6 HF1 it's recommended to handle archives of affected projects according to the FAQ.

    It's highly recommended to upgrade older versions (≤ V3.4 SP1 HF1) to V3.6 HF1.

The software can be downloaded via SIOS download section: 

Target market:

Target markets and industries:
Energy efficiency can be achieved through consistent power monitoring and the derived optimization measures
which is crucial for all industries, including Industry, Infrastructure and Building.

Additional information:
Ordering information can be found in the LV 14 catalog.


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