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Product News SITRAIN access

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Information about SITRAIN access: Learning in the Digital Age

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SITRAIN access at a glance

The digital learning services provided by SITRAIN access cover a range of topics relating to the Siemens product portfolio and help ensure greater transparency: Learners know how far they have progressed, what knowledge they still need, and the best way to obtain it. Companies get an overview of the level of knowledge their employees have reached, and can propose or assign further suitable courses . All learning content is structured on a modular basis and can be utilized as you see fit after you subscribe: Several hours at a time, or just a few minutes on the way to work – the choice is yours.

  • Users purchase an annual subscription and thus gain access to all learning content on the platform.
  • Learning content as explanatory videos (WBTs), screen recordings, PPTs, blogs and expert talks.
  • Intermediate tests and exercises document the learning progress and create transparency for learners and managers.
  • Course participants and Siemens experts network and exchange their knowledge within the course groups or via personal messages. 


  • Users will receive individual course suggestions based on job profiles, skills, learning paths and AI algorithms.

Virtual Exercise Lab – Your personal exercise environment

Applying what has been learned is an essential component for a sustainable learning success. For this reason, SITRAIN access offers a corresponding amount of exercises in our courses. With Virtual Exercise Lab the practical application is now possible in the virtual world:

  • No additional software or hardware needed – thanks to the fully equipped virtual exercise workplace consisting of engineering software (e.g. TIA Portal), simulated hardware (e.g. S7-PLCSIM) and process model (e.g. Factory IO).
  • Individual and protected environment – thanks to the sandbox approach, errors or experiments have no effect on a real system. Save and load your exercises as often as you want.
  • High-performance access from anywhere, anytime – thanks to cloud technology, only an internet connection and a browser are required.

Two hours of access to Virtual Exercise Lab are included with your first SITRAIN access subscription.

SITRAIN access in detail

Optimum knowledge offeringEffective learningMaximum motivation
For companies:  
Knowledge that's worth every cent
SITRAIN access offers companies an extensive and constantly growing range of products for all sectors and applications, for beginners and advanced users. Our training experts ensure that the knowledge offered is always up-to-date and trustworthy, directly from the manufacturer.
Knowledge based on your needs
The scalable offering for any size of company is ideal for the continuous and sustainable development and expansion of knowledge in your company. Special functions provide transparency about and influence on the learning progress of your employees.
Knowledge that's fun for your employees
SITRAIN access enables you to support your employees with an innovative training program. It offers objectively comprehensible learning progress and a wide range of further training opportunities for all employees. Thanks to the manager role, you build up and expand the know-how of your employees in a targeted manner. Gamification elements increase employee motivation for sustainable learning effects.
For learners:  
Knowledge that gets you ahead
The carefully prepared, clearly structured contents of our training experts and diverse contents for all areas of industry offer the necessary knowledge for every need. Different knowledge levels from beginners to experts and multimedia content for every type of learner ensure that you always find what you need.
Knowledge based on your needs
SITRAIN access is available anytime, anywhere, and can be used on any device, such as via a mobile app. Its modular structure divides the content into easy-to-follow “learning nuggets” and includes checkpoints to monitor your achievements. Constant additions to the content of SITRAIN access, together with the ability to complete practical exercises and monitor your progress, enable sustainable learning whenever and wherever you want it.
Knowledge that's fun
Learning made fun: SITRAIN access leverages motivation through vibrant interaction with training experts and the community and practical exercises to apply what you have learned . You also gain new opportunities to look beyond the horizon and explore new avenues.


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