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文档类型 应用实例与扩展工具 文档编号 109779883, 文档发布日期 2020年6月9日

S7-1500 with 3RW5 Soft Starter: Reading and writing data sets with HMI over MODBUS TCP/RTU

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This Application Example is only available in English. Application Example is only available in English. The new 3RW5 soft starters are as versatile as your application. All the 3RW5 soft starters now support communication via Modbus TCP and RTU and thus can be integrated in Automation Systems running Modbus protocol.


The document and sample project describe the parameterization and integration of a 3RW55 soft starter into a Modbus network with an S7-1500 PLC and Soft Starter ES V15.1 (TIA Portal).

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