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Tips and tricks about SITRAIN access

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You do not know exactly what SITRAIN access is? Here you will find the answers and important information on operation ...

SITRAIN access – the digital learning platform

SITRAIN access is the digital learning platform for industry. It facilitates digital, innovative learning and professional education in all sectors. It’s online, flexible, continuous, and personalized. Our knowledge offerings are curated by our experts, arranged in modular form, and can be accessed to suit your own requirements. SITRAIN is more than just a video platform: Constant additions to its content, together with the ability to monitor your progress and complete practical exercises, fulfill all the requirements for sustainable learning.

Further information
Overview of SITRAIN access
Courses available in SITRAIN access - You can find the available courses on the left under "Browse > SITRAIN access" in the corresponding categories

SITRAIN access subscription

You need a subscription to access the personalized learning offer from SITRAIN access: 
  • You book the subscription in your country using the SITRAIN access country selector. 
  • You can also find out the cost of a subscription and whether SITRAIN access is available in your country via the country selector. 
  • The subscription is valid for one year, personal and non-transferable. Sharing the subscription with another person is not permitted.
  • The payment options vary depending on your country. If you have any questions, contact your local SITRAIN contact. 
  • The subscription can also be booked by another employee. 
  • After booking the subscription, activation can take several working days.

Further information

Login with SITRAIN access after receiving the activation email

What do I have to consider with the first login?

  1. Open SITRAIN access via this link
  2. Click on "Sign in".

    Fig. 1

  3. Click on "Email".
    Siemens employees can use both "E-Mail" and "SmartCard / Soft PKI".

    Fig. 2
  4. Then enter your e-mail address and password and click on "Login".
    If you do not know your password, enter your e-mail address and click on "Forgot password". Then follow the instructions.

    Fig. 3


First steps in SITRAIN access

In SITRAIN access you will find tutorials that show you how to use SITRAIN access. To do so, subscribe to the Video Channel via "First Steps".

  1. Click on "Getting Started" on the start screen.
    Siemens employees can find the tutorial under "Primary navigation > Me > My plan".

    Fig. 4
  2. Subscribe to the video channel "SITRAIN access - Getting Started Tutorials".

    Fig. 5

  3.  Click on the video.

SITRAIN access community

You always stay informed about the SITRAIN access community. You can interact with other SITRAIN access users, send private messages, share content and participate in group discussions.

To do this, you need to join the community:

  1. Use the search function in SITRAIN access to search for SITRAIN.
    In the preview you will see a reference to the SITRAIN access community.

    Fig. 6

  2. Join the "SITRAIN access Community" group via "Subscribe".

    Fig. 7
  3. Click on your name and then on "Account Preferences".

    Fig. 8
  4. Define "SITRAIN access Community" as your default group and save the setting.

    Fig. 9 

With this setting you will be informed about all news of the SITRAIN access community on the entry page and can start discussions with the other members of the community at any time.

Possibilities of the Manager Account

In addition to the "Learner" role, there is the "Manager" role:

  • Establishment of the manager account
    For a manager account you have to book a subscription for at least 10 employees.
    Your local SITRAIN contact in your country will be happy to answer any further questions.
  • Management of the learning offer for your employees
    As a manager, you can create learning plans for your team, assign courses to your team members, and see their learning progress.
    See the following video for more details:

Security information
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