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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109780323, Entry date: 06/17/2020

SINAMICS S120 Technology Extension: Sales and delivery release for version V1.2 of HEM (Heat Exchanger Module) with article number 6SL3705-0Rxxx-xAA5

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With immediate effect, the new version V1.2 HF1 of the SINAMICS Technology Extension HEM (Heat Exchanger Module) has been released for general delivery. The previous version V1.1 will soon be totally discontinued.

Please note that HEM V1.2 HF1 is intended for hardware HEM with article number ending in -xxx5. If you have an HEM with article number ending in -xxx4, V1.1 (109749739) should be used.

Note: A license is required for software V1.2 HF1, see chapter 4.

Brief description of the product

The Technology Extensions are also known under the name SINAMICS Open Architecture.

The Heat Exchanger Module product essentially comprises a pump, plate-type heat exchanger, expansion chamber and various sensors. The hot de-ionized water in the converter-side cooling circuit passes through a circulating pump (2 redundant pumps for option W01) into the stainless steel water/water plate-type heat exchanger which is connected to the raw water circuit on the plant side. The de-ionized water is cooled in the heat exchanger by the raw water of the outer circuit and flows back into the converter. To avoid condensation at excessively low coolant temperatures, a 3-way valve for controlling the coolant temperature is installed. The OA application takes over actuation, monitoring and closed-loop control of the Heat Exchanger Module. New functions have been integrated to avoid condensation which can be parameterized together with other settings.

Integration in the form of a Technology Extension makes it possible to address the physical variables through known STARTER functionalities. As a result of the integration in the drive system, it is now significantly easier to connect into higher-level control systems for the visualization of messages and signals.

More information about the liquid-cooled S120 Cabinet Module HEM is available in the Equipment Manual: 109780179

1. Highlights

  • Integration in the drive system now makes it significantly easier to connect into higher-level control systems in order to visualize messages and signals.

  • OA application available for Control Unit CU320-2 and on request for CU310-2.
  • Display dialog in STARTER commissioning tool for HEM visualization and parameter assignment
  • HEM parameter assignment enables adjustment of shutdown scenarios to suit application requirements.

  • Leakage sensor evaluation (differentiation between HEM cabinet unit and drive line-up possible)

  • Condensation prevention (setpoint increase)

  • Automatic operation for condensation prevention with reversed 3-way valve operation

  • Automatic restart

  • The interrupt and parameter descriptions available in the six standard languages in the Function Manual.

2. Areas of application/typical applications

The liquid-cooled SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Modules drive solution for sophisticated single-motor and multi-motor drives

  • For use under tough ambient conditions

  • A cabinet solution that is protected against dirt and water makes sense in the process and steel industries. The same is true for plants and systems subject to high levels of dust, for example in cement plants, mining operations, coal-fired power stations and paper production and processing as well as in the automotive industry (press and test stand applications) or in the food industry where control cabinets in the  production halls must be cleaned with water for hygiene reasons.

  • Suitable for applications where space is restricted

  • A low amount of space is required due to the compact design and high power density.

  • Efficient cooling concept

  • Heat is dissipated to the coolant and not to the environment. This means that redundant cooling systems can be easily implemented using two pumps in the cooling circuit.

  • Cooling is very specific and additional potential is obtained through thermal recovery with heat being used for the process itself or for heating. Liquid cooling systems are considerably more efficient at dissipating heat than air cooling systems, resulting in very low energy consumption and, in turn, in favorable energy costs.

3. Function Manual for downloading:

4. Preconditions

The SINAMICS OA Technology Extension HEM Heat Exchanger Module V1.2 HF1 can be used from firmware V5.1. Download at 109772200.

A license is required for this software version.

The license is included with the cabinet modules order and must be activated on the control unit:
6SL3077-0AA05-2AB0 License supplied on paper or
6SL3077-0AA05-2AH0 License supplied in electronic form (eCoL)

Please note that HEM V1.2 HF1 is intended for hardware HEM with article number ending in -xxx5. If you have an HEM with article number ending in -xxx4, V1.1 (109749739) should be used.

Note: A license is required for software V1.2 HF1

5. Constraints and functional restrictions

There are no constraints or functional restrictions for the SINAMICS Technology Extension HEM. S120 CM HEM Sales Slides 

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