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SINUMERIK: How to evaluate multiple temperature sensors in the drive

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Temperature evaluation via encoder and TM120

You have a motor, e.g. spindle motor with temperature sensor KTY84, the temperature sensor is connected to an SMC20 or SME20 module. You want to further evaluate additional temperature sensors (PTCs) connected to a TM120 module.

In the SINAMICS S120 drive, only one source of temperature sensors can be selected:
  • The setting p600 = 1 "Temperature sensor via encoder 1 (SMC / SME / SMI / DQI)" does not allow any further source via BICO interconnection, e.g. a TM120 module.
  • At setting p600 = 10, 20, 21, the temperature sensor is not evaluated via encoder 1.

  1. In the SINNAMICS, evaluate the KTY84 via encoder 1, i.e. in the SINAMICS p600 = 1 (source encoder 1) 
  2. Evaluate the additional temperature sensors connected to the TM120 within the TM120, with interference and warning thresholds there.
  3. Evaluate the status of the TM120 and, if necessary, trigger an external fault (free-usable applicative SINAMICS alarm) on this axis to switch it off at overtemperature.

  1. SERVO_3.15:2 (3.15.2 SERVO 11)
    • p600[0] (Mot Temp_sensor) 1 // Temperature evaluation via encoder 1 (motor encoder SMC/SME/SMI/DQI)
    • p601[0] (Mot_temp_sens Typ) 2 // 1 Temperature sensor type KTY84 (may also be another)

  2. TM120_3.15:5 (3.15.5 TM120 207) TM120
    • p4100[0] (TM120 Sensortyp) 2 // Select sensor type channel0 --> here KTY84
    • p4100[1] (TM120 Sensortyp) 1 // Select sensor type channel1 --> here PTC
    • p4102[0] (TM120 F/A_schw) 25 // Warning threshold channel0 --> is only displayed as a warning (for reduce test)
    • p4102[1] (TM120 F/A_schw) 29 // Fault threshold channel0 --> resolves ext. Fault 3 in the drive off (reduce for test)
    • p4102[2] (TM120 F/A_schw) 130 // Warning threshold channel1 --> is only displayed as a warning
    • p4102[3] (TM120 F/A_schw) 145 // Fault threshold channel1 --> solves ext. Fault 3 in the drive off

    • SERVO 3.15:2  = Antrieb, TM120 3.15:5 = TM120
      • (External fault 3) 0:0.0 / Activate the ext. fault 3  
      • and
        Variant with only one temperature sensor on TM120
        p3111[0] (Ext fault  en) 5:4104.1  // Fault channel 0 of the TM120
        Variant with two temperature sensors on TM120  
        p3111[0] (Ext fault en) 63:2817.0  // Trigger source Bit of TM120 

        or for two channels:

        from BICO OR p2816[0,1] to r2817 // 63: = own drive object
        p2816[0] (OR inputs) 5:4104.1 // Fault channel 0 of the TM120
        p2816[1] (OR inputs) 5:4104.3 // Fault channel 1 of the TM120




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