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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109781149, Entry date: 08/20/2020

SINAMICS G120: Sales and delivery release for firmware version 4.7 SP13

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Effective immediately, SINAMICS G120 firmware version 4.7 SP13 is released for sales and general delivery.

1. Affected components

The new SINAMICS firmware version V4.7 SP13 is offered as follows:

·       SINAMICS G120 multi-card with firmware V4.7 SP13

  • Article No. 6SL3054-7TG00-2BA0
  • Version designation on the memory card: V04.07.13.00
  • Internal firmware version number: V04.71.52.00

·       As firmware download, see Chapter Sources

The following engineering systems are offered for configuring SINAMICS G drives with firmware version V4.7 SP10 HF6:

Engineering system 

 Product information





STARTER Support Package V4.7 SP13



Startdrive V16 Update 3 with Support Package V4.7 SP13



Startdrive V15.1 with Support Package V4.7 SP13



IOP-2 V2.6



Support included in V4.7 SP10 

2. Functional extensions

The following expanded functions are available with firmware SINAMICS G120 version 4.7 SP13.
 Registrierung notwendig  SINAMICS-G120-Firmware-Function-Version-4.7-SP13--TechSlides-2020-07-21-EN_002.pptx (3,4 MB) 

A detailed description of the specified functions can be taken from the operating instructions of the particular product.

3. General conditions and function restrictions

The general conditions and functional restrictions of the SINAMICS G120 firmware version 4.7 SP13 are documented as follows:

·       Download see 109781019.

4. Sources

The SINAMICS G120 firmware V4.7 SP13 can be obtained from the following sources: 

1.      Firmware on SD card
The firmware is included on the SINAMICS G120 multicard, firmware version 4.7 SP13.
The  SINAMICS G120 multicard firmware version 4.7 SP13, including the license (Certificate of License), is available in four versions:

  • Without firmware options (6SL3054-7TG00-2BA0)
  • With firmware options "Extended Functions" for the CU250S-2 Control Unit
    • Safety (6SL3054-7TG00-2BA0-Z F01)
    • Basic positioner EPos (6SL3054-7TG00-2BA0-Z E01)
    • Safety + basic positioner EPos (6SL3054-7TG00-2BA0-Z F01 + E01)

5. Firmware download

The Firmware version 4.7 SP13 can be downloaded from the following source: see 109781019 

6. Change in the delivery form of the CoL (Certificate of License) for license orders via the drive memory card MLFB together with Z-options

Starting with this FW version (V4.7 SP13), the CoL information is delivered in electronic form. The individual CoLs (according to your order) are stored on the delivered drive memory card in the folder:
"...\KEYS\SINAMICS\eCoL\" as PDF files. (In this case the delivery does not include CoLs in paper form anymore).

The information content of the electronic CoL is identical to the previous paper form.

Note for ordering the drive memory cards together with Z-options:

When ordering a drive memory card (V4.7 SP13) together with Z-options, it is now mandatory to enter an E-Mail-address in the ordering system.

This E-Mail-address is required for the following reason:
The CoL files delivered on the drive memory card are available to the purchaser as a backup in the OSD system (Online Software Delivery) (e.g. if the memory card is erased). The E-Mail-address can be used to log into the OSD system and to download the CoL documents. Therefore, the purchaser of the drive memory card automatically receives an e-mail from the OSD system. We recommend do archive this E-Mail-address for a possible later use.

Note on ordering licenses via the separate SINAMICS RT license MLFBs:

If you are ordering RT-Options licenses only, you should use the corresponding new MLFB (15th digit with "H", e.g. Extended Safety Functions 6SL3074-0AA10-0AH0) to take advantage of the benefits of timely electronic delivery via OSD. You can also copy the CoL file (PDF) downloaded from OSD to your existing drive memory card in the folder "...\KEYS\SINAMICS\eCoL\" and thus save it close to the machine.


7. GSD files for integrating the project into PROFIBUS configuring tools

PROFIBUS GSD files are saved on the SINAMICS G120 multicard under the following path:

Alternatively, they can also be downloaded in the following entries:

·       SINAMICS G120: (see  23450835)

·       SINAMICS G120D: (see  60292521)

·       SINAMICS G120C: (see  60292416)

·       SINAMICS G110M: (see  93991698)

8. GSDML files for integrating projects into PROFINET configuring tools

PROFINET GSDML files are saved on the SINAMICS G120 multicard under the following path:

Alternatively, they can also be downloaded in the following entries:

·       SINAMICS G120: (see  26641490)

·       SINAMICS G120D: (see  60592893)

·       SINAMICS G120C: (see  60602080)

·       SINAMICS G110M: (see  93991704

9. EDS files for integrating projects into the CANopen configuring tools

EDS files for project integration into the CANopen configuring tool can be downloaded here: 48351511.

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