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SITRAIN advanced course: SIMATIC WinCC Unified for PC-Systems (as online training or classroom training)

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Advanced course for SIMATIC WinCC Unified PC-Systems; Product training, Type: Classroom training course, Duration: 2 day, different regions/sites
The training is intended for participants who want to learn more about WinCC Unified in the SCADA environment. Building on the System Course (TIA-UWCCM), you will learn more about the individual basic and SCADA options in addition to the basic functionalities of WinCC Unified PC Runtime.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to use WinCC Unified PC Runtime with confidence and create your own HMI / SCADA projects with WinCC Unified Engineering:
  • Single user-, multi user-, multi-monitor systems
  • Client / server systems (web-based) and plant configurations
  • Web-based remote operation and control
  • OPC UA communication
  • Database archives for large data volumes and 
  • Technological plant hierarchy
  • Distributed plant configurations
  • Reporting
  • Training for the new HMI system, WinCC Unified, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Skill is more than knowledge. Upon completion of the course, you will have mastered WinCC Unified by performing numerous practical exercises.
  • Introduction to the new HTML5-based WinCC Unified. Get a personal impression of the performance
  • Creating a project and loading it to the PC station
  • WinCC Unified Clients
  • Database archiving
  • Connectivity – S7 communication and OPC UA
  • Technological Hierarchy – Object-oriented plant model
  • Collaboration – Setup of distributed configurations / sharing of plant data
  • Reporting
  • Plant Intelligence Options
  • Product version: WinCC V16

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  • System course "SIMATIC WinCC Unified & Unified Comfort Panels" (TIA-UWCCM)
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