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Update of the EK-ERTEC 200P with ERTEC 200P-2 to firmware V4.6 Patch 01

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A new firmware with bug fixes is provided for the ERTEC 200P Evaluation Kit for the development of a PROFINET device. The Evaluation Kit ERTEC 200P is used for the development of a PROFINET device with ASICs ERTEC 200P and ERTEC 200P-2.

The Patch 01 solves the following issues:

  • increased robustness of the network communication during continuous operation of more than 497 days.
  • fixed SNMP community string authentication problem: Device responds to an SNMP GETNEXT request, even if the community string is not valid. If the community string is set to "publi" instead of "public", this value has been treated as a correct value since it contains a part of the default
  • Read requests from port specific records must be rejected if port submodule is pulled. Fatal error has been replaced with a reject message for this use case.
  • Incorrect content problem of the MIB object lldpLocManAddrIfId, which occurs during the TED Check tests of the PROFINET certification bundle, has been fixed.
  • Incorrect memory allocation causing a fatal error has been fixed. This problem occurs when an MRP_OPC_PRM_INDICATION is requested.
  • Synchronization problem, which occurs in TCP/IP stack due to a counter that is accessed by different tasks without lock/unlock protection, has been fixed. This problem arises under high system load with several TCP/IP connections.
  • This patch handles CM_ERR_PRM_ACCESS_DENIED error during PRM-Write operation and prevents a fatal error.
  • Wrong error occurs in PROFINET certification ART (Automated Real-Time) testcase MRP_CHK1 (Media Redundancy Protocol check test). The fix solves the wrong error hierarchy for PDEV (Physical Device) records.
  • Mbuf (memory buffer) resource leak in Interniche Stack has been fixed. This resource leak occurs if the user application tries to send data to IP Address or Port 0.
  • Incorrect check of PDIRGlobalData.MaxLineRxDelay , which leads to PRM Fault diagnosis, has been fixed.

How to Update the EK-ERTEC 200P Software

A detailed description for the update process can be found in the readme file:

  README_Hotfix_IODevKits_4.6.1.pdf (63,1 KB)

OSS information

 Registrierung notwendig  ReadMe_OSS.htm (5,7 MB)


 Registrierung notwendig  CD_EK46_Patch01.zip (1,5 GB)

Name: CD_EK46_Patch01.zip
Size: 1569577764 Bytes (1496 MiB)
SHA256: 76AE4FAB7256236FA670A01237518ED64C1598D786A11F9B08C42873F25B1C78

 Registrierung notwendig  EK_ERTEC200P_V4.6.1_PATCH_01.zip (100,5 KB) 

Name: EK_ERTEC200P_V4.6.1_PATCH_01.zip
Size: 102957 Bytes (100 KiB)
SHA256: C9C8C5192E74BD9C3C337FC4283D7DD7D58AD787B092388DA077F6013105ABF8

The download is encrypted. A password is required to unzip the file. Registered customers will receive the password automatical from Technical Support, otherwise please contact with a valid invoice:

Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Yakacık Caddesi No 111 
34870 Istanbul, Turkey
Email: profinet.devkits.industry@siemens.com 

PROFINET Certification

Comprehensive consulting prior to starting the development project is particularly important for an efficient and successful development process. The final step in field device development is certification. For PROFINET, Siemens also offers you independent, accredited test laboratories like ComDeC in Germany, PIC in the USA and ITEI in China, and an Test labs in the Czech Republic.

Germany and Europe
 Siemens AG
 Communication, Development & Certification (ComDeC)
 Breslauer Strasse 5
 90766 Fürth, Germany
 Tel.: +49 (911) 750-2080
 E-mail: comdec@siemens.com
 Web: www.siemens.com/comdec

 ANF Data
 Zelený pruh 1560/99
 140 00, Praha 4, Czech Republic
 Tel:  +420 244 091 111
 E-mail: anfdata@anfdata.cz

 PROFI Interface Center (PIC)
 One Internet Plazza
 PO Box 4991
 Johnson City, TN 37602-4991, USA
 Tel.: +1 (423) - 262 - 2576
 E-mail: pic.industry@siemens.com
 Web: www.profiinterfacecenter.com

 Siemens Ltd., China
 Factory Automation Department
 7, Wang Jing Zhong Huan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100102, PR. China
 E-mail: profinet.cn@siemens.com

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