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SIMOTICS XP 1MB and SIMOTICS SD 1LE: Sales and delivery release for optional branch specific design CHEMSTAR: C03: CHEMSTAR DESIGN Chemical Industry, C04: CHEMSTAR DESIGN Oil & Gas

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With CHEMSTAR we set the new technology standard for explosion protected as well as safe area motors in oil & gas and chemical industries.

CHEMSTAR represents decades of experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. For about 25 years now, Chemstar has been setting technical standards for explosion-protected motors in the oil & gas and chemical industries – where it has proven itself 100,000 times over.

The new combination of SIMOTICS motor and the CHEMSTAR branch solution represents the synthesis comprising the perfect fit to the focus industries Chemistry, Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas with the Siemens SIMOTICS low-voltage motor platform.

The SIMOTICS platform supplements the advantages that result from a well-honed and stable series production environment: Seamless quality checks, highly efficient and intuitive standard tools for simple selection, configuration and commissioning, simplified ordering processes, short delivery times and a high degree of standardization of the components that are used.

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR and SIMOTICS SD CHEMSTAR encompasses the best attributes from both domains for a tailor-made product for our customers.

The predefined option packages are decisive for SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR motors as they allow the motors to be tailored to specific sectors. There are two preconfigured Chemstar versions specifically for Oil & Gas and Chemicals available!

CHEMSTAR technology is available for SIMOTICS basic line cast iron motors:


1LE15 SH71-315
1LE55 SH315-355


1MB1 SH71-315 - Ex ec, Ex eb, Ex tc, Ex tb
1MB5 SH315-355 - Ex ec, Ex eb, Ex tc, Ex tb   
1MB1 SH71-280 - Ex db, Ex db eb
1MB5 SH315-355 - Ex db, Ex db eb

Option description:

C03: CHEMSTAR DESIGN Chemical Industry



Chemical industry

Oil & Gas

Branch option





Options which are included in the package

Paint system

Special paint finish sea air resistant category C4

category C2

Plates Material

 Stainless steel plates
Stainless steel QR code plate

Screws & bolts

Standard design

Stainless steel bolts

Fan cover

Sheet metal fan cover


external grounding


Increased air humidity 40-60g per m³ of air *)

Condensation drain

Plugged **)


FS ≥100 with 63 series


36 months from delivery


Routine test 3.1 protocol

Included standard

VIK Design


Recommended options


B91 – Documentation package “Advanced”

B92 – Documentation package “Projects”

Painting system

S04 - Special paint finish for use offshore
S05 – Inner Painting

TAG plate

Y82 - Additional rating plate with customer

Recommended option are technical features or additions we see in most of the business cases as standard requirement but used more flexible as obligatory designs included in C03 and C04.         
Y82: Option must be separately listed because of logistic.

*) C04 in combination with painting corrosion resistance category C3 or better
**) Ex db motors without drain holes

Customer benefits:

  • Well known branding CHEMSTAR in Chemical and Oil & Gas industry stands for High quality, reliability and best total cost of ownership
  • Fulfil the main specifications in focus industries and create standards in the plants
  • Protection grade IP66 for motor and terminal box to protect motor also in extreme environmental conditions
  • Stainless steel QR code plate to enable digital documentation and information in the complete motor lifetime
  • Price optimized technical package to achieve best competitiveness 
  • Customizing based on CHEMTAR technology: Other catalog option can be added to fulfil specification for special applications, e.g. ambient temperature, low starting current, winding and bearing monitoring, premium insulation, etc.

Look and Feel:

The motors are equipped with the Chemstar marking on the motor, datasheet and delivery note.


The documentation includes the routine test protocol (B02).
Other documentation can be added using the relevant option codes, e.g. B60, B61, B90, B91, B92, ….


 Registrierung notwendig  SIMOTICS-XP_SD-LV-motors-CHEMSTAR-EN.pptx (6,3 MB)

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