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Functional overview of SIMATIC ET 200SP HA in SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC PCS neo, SIMATIC STEP 7 and SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal)

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The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA supports a wide range of functions in the SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PCS neo process control systems as well as in SIMATIC STEP 7 and in the SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal). Depending on which program is used, not all functions may be available or certain boundary conditions may have to be observed.


Product designationArticle number
 ET 200SP HA, IM155-6PN 6DL1155-6AU00-0PM0
 ET 200SP HA, DI 16x24VDC 6DL1131-6BH00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, DI 32x24VDC 6DL1131-6BL00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, DI 16xNAMUR 6DL1131-6TH00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, DI 8x24 ... 125VDC 6DL1131-6DF00-0PK0
 ET 200SP HA, DI 8x230VAC 6DL1131-6GF00-0PK0
 ET 200SP HA, DQ 16x24VDC/0,5A 6DL1132-6BH00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, DQ 32x24VDC/0,5A 6DL1132-6BL00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, RQ 4x120VDC-230VAC/5A CO 6DL1132-6HD50-0PK0
 ET 200SP HA, AI-DI16/DQ16x24VDC HART 6DL1133-6EW00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, AI 16XI 2-WIRE HART 6DL1134-6TH00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, AI 16XTC/8XRTD 2-/3-/4-WIRE 6DL1134-6JH00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, AI 4XI 2-/4-WIRE ISOL HART 6DL1134-6UD00-0PK0
 ET 200SP HA, AQ 8XI HART 6DL1135-6TF00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, AQ 4XI 2-WIRE ISOL HART 6DL1135-6UD00-0PK0
 ET 200SP HA, F-DI 16x24V DC HA 6DL1136-6BA00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, F-DQ 10x24VDC/2A HA 6DL1136-6DA00-0PH1
 ET 200SP HA, F-AI 8x I 2-, 4-wire HART HA 6DL1136-6AA00-0PH1

Further information
SIMATIC ET 200SP HA Distributed I/O system
32-channel modules for SIMATIC ET 200SP HA
Fail-safe I/O modules for SIMATIC ET 200SP HA  
Intrinsically safe modules for hazardous area - ET 200SP HA Ex

System requirements
From the versions mentioned here on, the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is integrated in the respective system:

  • from SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0
  • from SIMATIC PCS neo V3.1
  • from SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.6
  • from SIMATIC STEP 7 V17 (TIA Portal)

To use new modules and functions, the respective system requirements must be observed.

Functional overview 

PCS 7 V9.0 
PCS neo V3.1 
TIA Portal V17 
STEP 7 V5.6 
3rd party system 
 PROFINET without redundancy S11) X    X X     X12)
 PROFINET with system redundancy S22)     X5, 6) X       X7)  X6)    X12)
 PROFINET redundant configuration R13)    X5) X    -   X10)    X12)
 Configuration in Run (CiR/H-CiR)  X5)  X    -   X10)     X12)
 Fail-safe I/O modules    X9) -    - -  -
 Ex I/O modulesX XX
 I/O redundancy (side-by-side)4) X  -    -   X11)-
 High precision time stamping (SOE)   X5) -    -        X10, 11)-
 Firmware update in Run8) X  X    - -   X
 Multi-Hotswap X  X    X X  X
 HART variables, Multi-HART X  -     X  X      X13)

1) Single interface at a single controller
2) Single interface at a redundant controller
3) Redundant interface at a redundant controller
4) RedLib not required
5) from CPU 410 V8.2
6) from CPU 400 V6 H
7) with CPU 1500 R/H
8) with PROFINET R1 interface / redundant I/O modules
9) from SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0 SP3 + HUP and F Systems V6.4
10) from CPU 410-5H V8.2 (only project specific release)
11) no libraries with blocks available
12) ET 200SP HA Integration into third party systems using GSDML. The usability of the functions provided by GSDML depends on the functional scope of the used automation system and the used PROFINET controller.
13) no support of Multi-HART

This entry serves as an overview but makes no claim to completeness, correctness or up-to-dateness in detail. Please refer to the information in the corresponding manuals.

Security information
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