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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109782818, Entry date: 12/23/2020

SINAMICS Technology Extension: Release for delivery for DYNEGMA (Dynamic Energy Management), version V1.1 SP3

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Effective immediately, the new version V1.1 SP3 (V01.10.35.00) of the SINAMICS Technology Extension DYNEGMA has been released for delivery.

1. Brief description of the product

For SINAMICS, the SINAMICS Technology Extension DYNEGMA from Advanced Technology Functions is an extension for infeed and SERVO drive objects. The SINAMICS Technology Extensions are also known as SINAMICS Open Architecture.

Technology Extension DYNEGMA (Dynamic Energy Management) is a peak load management function for spindles to provide overload protection for infeed units of machine tools. The task of DYNEGMA is to protect infeed units during power peaks; these can occur when several drives/spindles simultaneously accelerate or brake, e.g. when tools are changed. DYNEGMA only intervenes when actually required in order to guarantee not only safe and reliable operation, but also maximum dynamic performance. When required DYNEGMA can also be used to limit the torque of individual drives/spindles. This protects the infeed unit against overload, and in turn, avoids machine tool downtimes and/or damage to tools, materials and the machine itself.

1.1 Highlights

Prevents overload situations of the infeed unit without restricting the dynamic performance in the machining process itself

  • Peak load management of the spindle to protect the infeed unit against overload

  • Up to 4 spindles can be used in combination with Active Line Modules or Smart Line Modules
  • Software-based solution

  • Intelligent mode is available for multi-spindle units with different spindle powers and milling-turning centers
  • In the case of a power failure, a standard emergency response via the Vdc controller is still provided.


2. Areas of application/typical applications

DYNEGMA can be used in the following applications, for example:

  • Overload protection of the infeed unit and peak load management of spindles for milling and turning machines, even with forced EMERGENCY STOP.
  • Dynamic tool change for optimum utilization of the maximum infeed power of machine tools.

3. Product features and technical details

During brief peak loads of the drives, DYNEGMA prevents the infeed unit from being overloaded. To achieve this, the drive torques, typically for the spindles, are specifically limited at the optimum time. This minimally extends the ramp-up times of these spindles. As soon as there is no longer a risk of overload, DYNEGMA releases the torque limits, and the spindles can again be operated at full power.

DYNEGMA functions as follows to prevent the infeed unit from being overloaded:

  1. DYNEGMA monitors the actual power limit of the infeed unit used in real time.
  2. DYNEGMA calculates the power requirement of the assigned drives in real time. Typically, DYNEGMA is only assigned to spindles to limit their power, while the power of feed axes is not limited. Depending on the actual power limit  DYNEGMA calculates the torque limits of the assigned drives that are potentially required.
  3. DYNEGMA monitors the calculated power limits, and when required, limits the spindle torques. DYNEGMA compares the actual active power of the infeed unit with the calculated power limit of the infeed unit. If there is a potential risk of overload, the calculated, potentially required limiting for the drives becomes active, and the actual limit is applied. The torque setpoints are increased again as soon as there is no longer a risk of overload.

Function overview of TEC DYNEGMA

When the power fails, the Vdc controller can initiate the emergency response as in this case, DYNEGMA automatically shuts down. 
Using the appropriate control word interconnection, the power limit can be temporarily inhibited on the drive objects, e.g. if a spindle drive is operated in axis/positioning mode.

DYNEGMA has two modes of operation (p32600) :

  • Basic mode (default)
    The power available is equally distributed between the spindles, and the torque is limited to the same extent for all spindles. This operating mode can be used for all types of machine tools; it is particularly recommended for basic machine tools with only one spindle and machine tools with several spindles of the same type.
  • Intelligent operating mode:
    The distribution is a dynamic process based on the power requirements of the individual spindles, and is continuously adapted. The initial value for power distribution is proportional to the spindle torque setpoints that have been set (r1509). 
    This operating mode is only intended for complex turning and milling machines or a combination of turning and milling machine (e.g. milling-turning centers), where several drives/spindles with different power ratings are to be simultaneously limited.

4. Function manual

The Function Manual for DYNEGMA V1.1 SP3 is available under 109783999

5. Preconditions

The Technology Extension has been released for use with the following devices:

  • SINAMICS S120 (CU320-2)

  • SINAMICS Integrated


    • SINUMERIK 840D sl

    • SINUMERIK 828D

The Technology Extension can be used with the following SINAMICS firmware (FW) and higher:


    • from FW V4.7 with SCOUT/STARTER

  • SINAMICS Integrated

    • from SINAMICS FW V4.7 with SINUMERIK 840D sl (from SINUMERIK SW V4.7)

    • from SINAMICS FW V5.2 SP3 with SINUMERIK 828D (from SINUMERIK SW V4.94)

    • from SINAMICS FW V5.2 with SINUMERIK ONE (from SINUMERIK SW V6.11)

A license is required to use DYNEGMA. The runtime license can be ordered using Article No. 6SL3077-0AA03-0AB0. Each device requires a license.

6. Download

The current version of DYNEGMA can be downloaded under 109783057.


7. Constraints and functional restrictions

Constraints and functional restrictions apply to DYNEGMA 109782285.

8. Ordering data

The runtime license for Technology Extension DYNEGMA can be ordered using the following Article No.

  • 6SL3077-0AA03-0AB0  supplied in paper form as CoL

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