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Product Page: Siemens Industrial Edge – SAM Speech Assistant for Machines

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The Speech Assistant for Machines, SAM in short is a voice assistant that allows the user to communicate directly with his machine. SAM allows the user to read and write PLC signals, request KPIs from the machine and request information about the machine. SAM is based on a knowledge graph and can answer complex questions as he has manuals, tutorials, videos and pdfs in his database.


This is the product overview page of the SAM Speech Assistant for Machines application. This edge application - SAM for short - is available on the Siemens Industrial Edge platform. Here you can find an overview of SAMs functionality, the user benefits, documentation, application examples and a getting started guide.  


Knowledge management is an increasingly valuable topic as there are a lot of different sources of information in a factory setting. As a user, it often is difficult to know where to find the right information at the right time. For a machine alone, there may be machine manuals for different components, maintenance instructions operating instruction and much more. 

SAM organizes all of this information in a structured way and enables the user to access the right information at any time from within his smartphone. 

In the consumer world speech assistants have long been established for the convenience of users. At home you can ask these assistants to search things for you, get information via voice or control your home appliances. SAM aims to accomplish these tasks also for industrial users.  

SAM was built for the Siemens Industrial Edge Platform and uses the connectivity provided to connect to a wide range of different hardware. This allows SAM to read and write signals to any hardware on the shop floor. 

SAM can be accessed via a web interface or by a smartphone app. From the Android play store, you can download the SAM app that can be used in conjunction with the edge device running the SAM application. This allows the user to speak to SAM over his personal smartphone in the factory network. The SAM app is free to be downloaded.

Feature Overview

  • SAM has the complete engineering environment accessible via web interface.  

  • The knowledge of the SAM can be imported from the design data (CAD, Automation program etc.)

  • Tables and spreadsheets can be imported via a flexible csv importer  

  • Out of the box dialogs for many user questions 

  • Simple configuration of new questions within the UI of the SAM 

  • The natural language understanding of SAM is powered by an AI based chatbot 

  • The connectivity from the edge platform is used by SAM to connect to any automation hardware 

  • SAM supports multiple languages with more to follow. Now the following languages are supported:  (EN/DE/ES) 

  • All functionality is available offline without internet connection 

  • Hands free control of machines 

  • SAM has a wake up work: By saying "Hello SAM" the chatbot wakes up. 

Use Cases

Enable workers to work with different types of machines with only a brief introduction 

Operators of machines often struggle with getting the right information of a certain machine when they need it. Often it is necessary to go back into the office and dig through the vast amounts of documentation to find the solution to a problem. This often leads to unnecessary service hotline calls in case of a machine failure. With SAM all the information about a machine is in everyones pocket - easily accessible via voice command. 

Access information about your production from anywhere 

For managers it is interesting to get detailed information about their production. Most often managers have no direct access to all KPIs and hence rely on daily reports for information.  

Would it not be useful to get the status of a machine, certain KPIs, the manual and general information about the machine directly via voice command from the owner's smartphone? 

Through the secure Industrial Edge gateway, managers can connect their SAM smartphone app directly to the edge device running on the shop floor. This then allows to read out live KPIs from the machine or historical data from databases. When performance is dropping, or an alarm occurs the manager can then react immediately.  

Control your machine – via voice  

Sometimes there is a need to control a machine without using one's hands. This may be because both hands are required for another operation or one is not close the control panel. This is often the case during the commissioning phase of a plant. Here it is required to carefully move certain parts of the machine without going back to the control panel all the time. SAM allows the user - under certain conditions to control his machine via voice. 

Controlling a machine via voice is of course safety critical. One needs to be certain that a command is not misunderstood or does not do the wrong thing. For this reason, SAM works with a secure confirmation mechanism.  

Every action to be executed will first be repeated back to the user and must be acknowledged before final execution. This guarantees a safe operation and control of the machine and has never failed before – even in extremely noisy environments like the Hannover fair. However, this function still requires careful evaluation in the safety concept of a machine and should be used with care.    


We are particularly proud of the easy to use and patented configuration of the dialogs of SAM. With a simple filtering mechanism and a few examples, the user can create his own question and answer pairs and create his own dialogs. All question and answer pairs can be reused so that the engineering only needs to be performed once – and henceforth can be applied to any new machine.

For example: The user wants to ask about the status of a certain alarm. After creating an intent (i.e. question answer pair) within SAM for the first machine, this intent works for all machines for all alarms as these intent templates are generic. 


The latest documentation of the SAM can be downloaded here:


The Installation manual can be found here: 


The Getting Started manual with a basic workflow can be downloaded here: 


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