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SINAMICS V20: Quick Stop function

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SINAMICS V20 add a new function -- Quick Stop function.

The Quick Stop function enables a load on a conveyor system to be detected and if Quick Stop is enabled, to stop the load/cargo on the conveyor section. The load/cargo on the conveyor section moves towards a dedicated sensor, as shown in the following figures:

A package/cargo is moveing over a conveyer band:

The front edge of the package/cargo is detected by the sensor, which initiates the Quick Stop function:

The load/cargo is slowed down and stopped:

As there are two sensors on the conveyor section, the Quick Stop function can stop the conveyor section in either direction when a load is detected.

How does it work?

The Quick Stop function is configured using BICO parameters. When the Quick Stop function is activated, an OFF1 command is initiated. The motor will be slowed down and brought to a standstill using the ramp-down times set in parameter P1121. The default setting for P1121 is 10 seconds and this value must be adjusted to ensure that the load/cargo on the conveyor section stop at the correct position on the conveyor section.

If the ramp time is to short, the V20 shows overcurrent or overvoltage fault.

It is possible to set the type of reaction to stop the conveyor, by using the parameter P0886.
There are two trigger methods: Edge triggered signals or level triggered signals.
Each type of triggering method produces a different reaction to the OFF1 command and the restarting of the motor. These reactions are shown in the pictures below:

  1. Positive edge triggered signals reaction

  2. High level triggered signals reactions

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