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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109783877, Entry date: 11/23/2020

Delivery release: 7KN POWERCENTER 3000 V1.3

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7KN Powercenter 3000 - the IoT data platform for digitalization of power distribution! The newest version V1.3 offers an economical and user-friendly entrance to the transparency of energy consumption, status of devices and constructions as well as archiving for energy managements according to ISO 50 001 and visualization with 10 languages.

The 7KN Powercenter 3000 with connection to various evaluation systems is suitable for location-independent monitoring of the state and condition of assemblies in small and medium sized enterprises (SME) as well as corporations with worldwide activities.

It allows analyses to define benchmarks and to identify saving potentials across different locations. With the integrated plug&operate connection to MindSphere and other cloud systems the 7KN Powercenter 3000 makes an easy entry into new business models possible, e.g. in terms of cloud-based services.


  • Detection and bundling of individual status, statistical and measured values into intelligent packets (smart data) with few efforts.

  • Integration of lower-level, communication-capable SENTRON measuring devices, MCCBs and ACBs as well as other devices via Modbus TCP

  • Transmission of data packets to an integrated web interface, local power monitoring systems as SENTRON powermanager and to MindSphere applications like SENTRON powermind.

  • Data security when transmitting to the cloud by encrypted communication, IP-based access control and further security measures.

  • High system availability, thanks to status information, alarm signals in case of exceptional circumstances by email and state information visible at any time.

  • Location-independent analyses for definition of benchmarks and identification of savings potentials.
  • New business models for companies in the form of own services, which can be offered via the MindSphere.

New features of POWERCENTER 3000 V1.3:

  • Web-interface with 10 different languages
  • Supporting of 7KM PAC2200CLP
  • Supporting of 7KM PAC1020 via Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway
  • Supporting of 3VA Condition Monitoring (V4.4) at Web-interface and at the MindSphere Application SENTRON powermind
  • User Login at the Web-interface

Target market:

1. Access to status information from new and existing power distribution equipment (green & brown field)
2. Simple energy-management solution to certificate according to ISO 50001/ISO 50003 and ISO 50006.
3. Connecting of power distribution equipment to MindSphere and other clouds systems.
4. The product can be used in international markets due to CE-, UL- and EAC-certification and 10 different languages.
5. Integration of power distribution to clouds like aws, Azure or Alibaba
6. Simple and quick solution for central supervision of whole construction 

Please note:

For the first setup, connect the powerconfig >= V3.16 or web-interface via X2P1. DefaultIP-address:

powerconfig you will find here: https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/63452759 

Link to the 7KN POWERCENTER firmware:


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