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SIMATIC Multi-Carrier-System Module for Modular Application Creator

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The LRailCtrl application for SIMATIC S7-1500T controllers can be configured quickly and user-friendly as an equipment module of the SIMATIC Modular Application Creator. This increases the efficiency of the project development and commissioning of your machine.

The Modular Application Creator enables the automatic generation of a Multi-Carrier-System. The starting point is a TIA Portal project, with the needed hardware prepared. This can be a provided project template or an already existing project.
After the project planning in the Modular Application Creator, the subsequent automated generation of the Multi-Carrier-System in TIA Portal takes place. The technology objects, program and library sources and all configuration settings required for commissioning the rail are generated. The generated MCS project can simply be downloaded to the controller after generation and used immediately.


  Equipment Module „Multi-Carrier-System“
  Information to the downloads:
  • The Multi-Carrier-System module is part of the equipment module package.
  • For information about the setup and usage of the Modular Application Creator pay attention to the Getting Started document.
  • When generating for the first time with a project template, please close all TIA Portal instances.
  • If an existing TIA Portal project is used to generate a Multi-Carrier-System, the GSDML file „SINAMICS S120 TEC RAILCTRL“ must be installed in TIA Portal.

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Overview Multi-Carrier-System Toolbox

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