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SIMOTICS S-1FK2 servo planetary geared motors for S120 and S210: Sales and delivery release:

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With immediate effect (November 20, 2020), the SIMOTICS S-1FK2 NRB, NRK and NLC servo planetary geared motors are released for sale and delivery.

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with the NRB, NRK and NLC gearboxes are highly dynamic, compact and cost-effective drive units, consisting of a 1FK2 servomotor in combination with various powerful planetary gears for a wide range of applications in an industrial environment.
1FK2 planetary geared motors are completely specified and delivered as a unit. All designated performance data are matched to the motor-gearbox combination.

Motor types:

High dynamic:
Where small masses must be moved with the highest dynamic response and precision, the high dynamic variant of the 1FK2 with low rotor inertia can play to its strengths.
Thanks to a combination of inertia-optimized clamping systems and lightweight, low-friction gears, the drive units are suitable for extremely high cycle numbers.

When high loads are to be moved precisely and nevertheless dynamically, a motor version with a higher inertia is essential for close loop control. Due to the 1FK2 Compact motors with medium inertia and planetary gearboxes with higher transmission ratios, even difficult inertia ratios can be brought unter control.


All three planetary gearboxes, NRB, NRK and NLC, can be mounted in any position without restrictions and are maintenance-free thanks to their lifetime lubrication.


The NRB is the lightest gearbox with the highest power density. Thanks to its low-friction bearing design, it is suitable for high speeds and generates only a small temperature rise.

Areas of application:

  • Packaging
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical engineering and medical systems
  • Auxiliary axes in machine tools         

Transmission ratios:
1-stage: i = 3 – 10
2-stage: i = 9 – 64
3-stage: i = 60 – 512

Gearbox rated torques:
NRB040     5 –  20 Nm
NRB060   15 –  44 Nm
NRB080   38 – 120 Nm
NRB120     95 – 260 Nm
NRB160   400 – 800 Nm

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with NRB gearbox


With their large output bearings, the NRK series gearboxes are designed for higher radial and axial forces. These gearboxes are also suitable for higher speeds thanks to their low internal friction.

Areas of application:

  • Automation and assembly technology  
  • Packaging
  • Auxiliary axes in machine tools

Transmission ratios:
1-stage: i = 3 –  10
2-stage: i = 9 – 100

Gearbox rated torques:
NRK050       5 –   15 Nm
NRK070    15 –   38 Nm
NRK090    38 –   90 Nm
NRK120    95 – 195 Nm
NRK155 210 – 460 Nm

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with NRK gearbox


Thanks to the preloaded tapered roller bearing, the NLC gearbox is characterized by a high level of stiffness, making it ideally suited for high radial and axial loads. The IP65 sealing provides protection against dust and water.

Areas of application:

  • Automation and assembly technology
  • Packaging
  • Food industry
  • Printing, packaging, foodstuffs
  • Auxiliary axes in machine tools

Transmission ratios:
1-stage: i = 3 –   10
2-stage: i = 9 – 100

Gearbox rated torques:
NLC060     15 –   44 Nm
NLC080     38 – 120 Nm
NLC120     95 – 260 Nm

SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with NLC gearbox

System integration and constraints:

1FK2 servo planetary geared motors are available for the SINAMICS S120 und SINAMICS S210 converter systems.

StartDrive V16 does not yet support the gearbox completely. The geared motor must be selected offline as a DRIVE-CLiQ motor or as a 1FK2 motor.

Configuring and documentation:

Ordering information and technical overview:   2020_11_20_Servo-Planetary-Geared_Motors_1FK2_EN.pdf (16,3 MB) 

Operating instructions: Operation manual 

Selection/configuration, dimension drawings, CAD models, data sheets DT Configurator (http://www.siemens.com/dt-configurator) 

Dimensioning: The TIA Selection Tool is expected to support the planetary geared motors as of 02/2021 

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