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Sales and delivery release SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0

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SIMATIC Kinematics Operate can control up to 6 axes with synchronous Point to Point (sPTP) movement. The plug & play solution offers a comfortable user interface for configuring, programming, operating and diagnosing the kinematics via the HMI.

SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 is released for sales and delivery.

SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 offers the following HMI configuration features:

  • Configuration of the kinematics and additional axes
    Up to 6 axes can be used for the multi axes positioning with sPTP. The axes which are not used for multi axes positioning can be configured as single axes.
  • Axis configuration
    The dynamic parameters, axis limits and homing of all the 6 axes can be configured via the HMI.
  • Variables and I/O configuration
    Bool and real variables can be defined via the HMI. Further, logical expressions consisting of digital inputs and bool variables can be defined as step 
    enabling conditions. Digital inputs and outputs can be defined with their corresponding E/A address via the HMI.
  • Point Table
    The path points can be entered or defined via teach-in of the corresponding axis which are used for the kinematic operation.
  • Zone Configuration
    Multiple blocked zones can be configured as cuboids in the working area of the kinematics. These zones are monitored cyclically against the axes target and the actual positions. A zone violation is leading to a stop reaction of the kinematics axes.

The SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 program editor offers the following features:

  • Synchronous point to point (sPTP) movement
    The multi axes positioning commands synchronize all kinematics axes according to their dynamics and their axes velocity. The target positions are defined via the point table or are entered directly in the command with the option of a blending function.
  • Single axis commands
    There are homing, positioning, torque limiting or speed commands in the editor for the additional axes.
  • Wait functions
    Step enabling commands can be programmed depending on the condition of a digital input, bool variable or a waiting time.
  • Calculate variables and value assignment
    Digital outputs can be set via a command mask. Further float variables can be either assigned a value, incremented or calculated. 
  • Program control structures
    The program sequence can be flexibly programmed using labels, branches, loops and parallel sequences.

SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 is a software solution consisting of a TIA Portal project and an HMI project for TIA Portal V15 or V16.

SIMATIC Kinematics Operate can be operated with the SIMATIC S7-1511T. Alternativly a S7-1512C can or a faster CPU can be applied. Please consider the details concerning the scalability and the quantity structure of the operating manual (see download) for more details.

Ordering data
SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 can be ordered with the article number 6ES7823-0GE00-1AA0 as a runtime option for the TIA Portal.
The product can only be ordered via the Online Software Delivery (OSD). The download contains the software license.

 Product nameArticle numer   L-Price (06/2021)
 SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0 6ES7823-0GE00-1AA0700.00 € 

System requirements

  • SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) V15 or V16
  • SIMATIC WinCC Advanced ES V15 or V16

  Documentation (3,4 MB)

for TIA Portal V16
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Portal Library SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0.4 (48,5 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Project SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 1511T (38,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Project SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller 1515SP PC2 T (40,1 MB)

for TIA Portal V15
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Portal Library SIMATIC Kinematics Operate V1.0.4 (47,8 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Project SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 1511T (37,6 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Project SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controller 1515SP PC2 T (32,9 MB)

Training videos

Part 1: Machine commissioning:

Part 2: Machine programming:

Part 3: Machine operation:

Further information
Handling with SIMATIC 109757198 

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