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Delivery Release TIA Portal V17

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Information about TIA Portal V17: Your gateway to automation in the digital enterprise

TIA Portal V17 offers a large variety of new functions for existing products

An overview of the new functions is available here:  Registrierung notwendig  TIA Portal V17 new functions (9,0 MB)

Overview of products and options in TIA Portal V17

TIA Portal

TIA Project Server

TIA Portal enables you to work conveniently with the TIA project server.
You can use the functionality of the project server to work with multi-user engineering, multi-user commissioning, and exclusive engineering.

Advantages of using the project server:

  • Central storage of projects in the network

  • Secure communication over https

  • Central user and access management, e.g. via Windows Domain 

  • Enable project revisions

    •  Interim backups

    • Project milestone archiving

    •  Rollback of project revisions

  • Change log for the synchronized objects

  • Execution of tasks with scripts (e.g. for Continuous Integration)

TIA Portal libraries

TIA Portal V17 includes the following new features:

Simple development and maintenance of library types

  • New filter functions for Project Library and Global Libraries

  • Changes to logic in control program and changes to comments do not require version adjustment of dependent types

  • Changes to the behavior of the type versions

    • The highest type version is no longer leading for library actions

    • The user can define a "default" type version for  library types

    • The library versions
      (e.g. update, …) are executed on the "default" version

  • Rapid overview of the status of the library by means of a status indicator

  • Simple update of selected types using the Global Libraries

Compilation of GlobalLibraries

  • A new version is created on import of the compiled types

Extended functions on creation of master copies

  • The folder structures are retained on creation of master copies

Security by default / Secure PG/HMI communication

  • Use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) with certificates to enable secure PG/PC and HMI communication with S7-1200 and S7-1500 CPUs
  • New Protection of confidential PLC configuration data 
  • These security features for new PLCs are activated by default
  • Security wizard to assist with configuration of secure communication and protection features of new PLCs
  • More information can be found in this FAQ 109799540 

TIA Portal Version Control Interface

The Version Control Interface (VCI) enables the connection and use of any versioning system e.g. VCI, GIT together with TIA Portal.

VCI offers the export or import of all program components, such as blocks, user data types, etc. from the TIA project and displays the current comparison status at the object.

TIA Portal User Management & Access Control (UMAC)

The TIA portal project offers integrated user management. For consistent access protection user roles can be configured with function rights for Engineering and runtime. User and user groups can also be managed centrally through the connection of the TIA Portal to UMC.

TIA Portal V17 includes the following new features:

  • Locking a project
  • Changing user
  • Deactivation of users
  • Anonymous user
  • Selection of the standard login procedure
  • New engineering function rights
  • Openness API support

Details on new features are available in the documentation.

TIA Portal Openness

You can use the API interface of WinCC and STEP 7 in TIA Portal to integrate TIA Portal in your development environment and automate your engineering tasks. Write your own applications with external development environments, for example, a code generator for HMI screens and PLC blocks.

A comprehensive overview can be found on the TIA Portal Openness topic page 109792902 

TIA Portal Openness V17 includes the following new features (details can be found in the TIA Portal Openness manual):

  • Extensions for project generation of PLC programs
  • Extension when downloading to the PLC for devices with an IP address not configured in the project
  • Extensions for Safety Engineering
  • Extended support of library workflows
  • Extension of the CAx export and import
  • Support for protected projects (UMAC)
  • Support of Openness API in a multiuser session
  • Support of multi-user workflows
  • Extended support for export/import for alarms and ProDiag
  • Support of the TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced 

TIA Portal Add-Ins

Add-ins provide a convenient way to extend TIA Portal functionality through the Openness API. Add-ins are written as .NET programs and can be conveniently distributed within an organization and to third-party vendors.

TIA Portal Language Packs

The TIA Portal V17 can be directly installed in the languages German, English and Chinese. The languages French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean can be installed later using the TIA Administrator.

Engineering options

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering allows several users to work on the same project simultaneously. This results in a significant reduction in configuration times, and projects can be commissioned faster.

With V17 Openness functions can be used in a Multiuser session. This allows the use of existing Openness applications within Multiuser Engineering.
V17 provides new Multiuser Openness APIs for integrating Multiuser workflows into dedicated automation workflows.
Combining Openness functions and the new Multiuser Openness APIs enables efficient, automated Multiuser operations via own applications or in TIA Portal add-ins.

With TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering, extended commissioning functions are available for shared commissioning:

Synchronous commissioning

  • Downloading is performed synchronously with configuration. Maximum synchronism of the data between local session, server project and PLC.

Asynchronous commissioning

  • In asynchronous commissioning, the data is downloaded to the device by a second TIA Portal instance in the background.

  • Download times are thus reduced significantly, the TIA Portal instance running in the foreground can be operated again immediately.

  • V17 supports the download of controls with activated access protection and of program changes to the F program section.

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway

The Teamcenter Gateway enables you to save and manage TIA Portal projects and global libraries in Teamcenter. Operator control is integrated into the TIA Portal.

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway V17 offers the following new functions:

  • "Single sign-on" and smart card (PKI) support

    Teamcenter Gateway supports secure connection between TIA Portal and Teamcenter via "Single-Sign-On" (SSO). This means that only one-off authentication via SSO is needed and further input of your access data by other Teamcenter clients (with SSO support) is no longer required.

    Teamcenter Gateway from V17 also supports the authentication using a customer-specific smartcard (PKI).

  • Link between Teamcenter and TIA Portal objects

    From V17 TIA Portal objects (FBs, FCs and PLC data type) can be exported as Proxy objects to Teamcenter and linked with Teamcenter artefacts. This means that individual Teamcenter objects (e.g. a motor) can be directly put into context with the respective TIA object (FB, FC, PLC data type). If changes are required, you can navigate directly from Teamcenter to the respective TIA Portal object and make changes if necessary. By saving it as a "new revision", the adapted TIA object is exported to Teamcenter as a TIA Proxy object and saved there as a new revision.

  • Export of OPC UA server interfaces

    OPC UA server interfaces can be exported from V17 and managed in Teamcenter.

  • Compatibility

    Teamcenter versions V11.2/11.3/11.4/11.5/ are supported.

  • Usability improvements

    TIA Portal project can now be opened directly from Teamcenter

TIA Portal Cloud Connector

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector provides access to local PC interfaces and connected SIMATIC hardware in TIA Portal Engineering while the engineering itself is performed via Remote Desktop in a private cloud

TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced 109793098 

To ensure a consistently high program quality, TIA Portal Test Suite Advanced offers users the following options:

Styleguide Checker

To ensure a unified programming style, rule sets with programming guidelines in the TIA Portal project can be defined as well as their compliance regularly checked.

Application test

To check the correct processing of individual logic blocks or entire S7-1500 applications, test cases with function tests can be created in a TIA Portal project and subsequently executed and validated with the help of SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V4.0.  

In TIA Portal Test Suite V17, the import and execution of application texts and the checking of rule sets is supported by TIA Portal Openness. This enables automated tests of STEP 7 programs and therefore integration into Continuous Integration Workflows.

TIA User Management Component

The User Management Component (UMC) provides the possibility of central user administration. Through the connection to the TIA Portal, users and user groups can be defined and managed across projects. Connection to a Microsoft Active Directory is also possible.

The provision of the components for TIA Portal V17 offers the following new features:

  • Single sign-on
  • SIMATIC Logon Client support
  • Extended license model
  • Extended configuration via the TIA Administrator


With SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced, virtual controllers for simulating S7-1500 based controllers can be created and used for extensive simulation of functions.

The following new functions are available with SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V4.0:

  • Support of the following S7-1500 CPU types

    • S7-1500 H/R CPUs in RUN Solo mode
    • S7-1500 ET 200pro CPUs
    • SIMATIC Drive Controller
    • S7-1518 T/TF
    • S7-1500  SIPLUS Extreme CPUs
  • Supports secure communication for OPC UA, Open User (OUC) and web server connections.

  • Supports up to 128 UDP multicast connections, DNS and DHCP as with the hardware CPU with firmware version V2.9

  • New operating mode at the API for bus-synchronous coupling for co-simulation tools, e.g. SIMIT

  • Newer operating mode for improved simulation of motion control functions in the S7-1500

  • The installation program replaces the WinPCap driver with the NpCap driver

  • Compatible with TIA Portal projects from versions V14 to V17

  • Supports CPU firmware versions V1.8 – V2.9

SIMATIC Energy Suite 109792358 

With the SIMATIC Energy Suite as an integrated option for the TIA Portal, energy data is recorded and processed in a standardized manner using measuring devices on the controller.

Expensive load peaks can be avoided with peak load management. This involves the optimization of the power supply through priority-based switching of consumers and generating entities, so that the load profile is smoothed.

The configuration effort is reduced considerably by simple parameter assignment and automatic program generation.

The following new functions are available with SIMATIC Energy Suite V17:

  • Flexible energy data connection through integrated interface blocks

    • Enable an even simpler integration of third-party devices or devices that are not included in the Energy Support library.

    • User-defined data can be processed and visualized via alternative communication channels (e.g. OPC UA, Modbus, cyclic process image)

  • Enhancements to peak load management

    • Support and visualization of regenerative feedback operation at the infeed

  • Expansion of the integrated driver library (Energy Support library)

    • Update of the supported firmware of devices that are already in the driver library (including SENTRON PAC 4200, SENTRON 3VA, SINAMICS G130)

    • Newly supported hardware: SENTRON PAC 3220

SIMATIC Target for Simulink (Available soon) 109784443 

SIMATIC Target is an add-on for Simulink from MathWorks. It enables the integration of Simulink models directly in the program cycle of an S7-1500 PLC that supports ODK. From V5.0, Simulink models can now also be directly integrated into the Industrial Edge Runtime via the LiveTwin Edge app.

The following further new functions are available with SIMATIC Target V5.0 :

  • Support of Embedded Coders from MathWorks
  • Integrated S functions for Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) simulation with PLCSIM Advanced
  • Support of custom storage classes for a fine-granular access to model parameters at runtime

SIMATIC Visualization Architect 109792355 

The SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc) enables simple, fast, flexible and automated creation of HMI contents based on the STEP 7 user program.

The following new functions are available with SIMATIC Visualization Architect V17 :

  • Supports WinCC Unified

  • Use of typified screens instead of master copies

  • Global expressions

  • Extension of the functions of the Copy Rules editor.

  • Text lists / Tag Plug In with FBs / FCs can be written via Openness

  • New expressions

  • Access to STEP 7 OBs

  • Access to the resolution of the HMI device

  • Improved usability

  • Expression Resolver - An editor for testing SiVArc expressions.

  • Improved handling of the master copies - Editing of the SiVArc properties via the property configurator and via the property window in the library.

  • "StringPos" - New SiVArc expression to search for the position of a string in another string.

Runtime Optionen


Targeted and easy-to-configure machine and plant diagnostics for SIMATIC S7-1500 and SIMATIC HMI.

The following new functions are available with SIMATIC ProDiag:

Monitoring in PLC data types

  • Supervisions within the PLC data types now enable a comprehensive type instance concept for process diagnostics
  • Changes now only necessary in one place!
  • A ProDiag supervision block need not necessarily be assigned to instances of PLC data types (then no diagnostic function available)
  • Additional supervisions are possible at the point of use for the PLC data type so that further diagnostics are available for instance-specific needs

New icons for better orientation

  • With the introduction of the supervisions in PLC data types in particular, the new icons' purpose is to improve orientation.
  • The supervisions are now also marked with icons in the instances; the properties of the supervisions themselves on the Property page.
  • In contrast to the previous version, it quickly becomes apparent whether blocks called within the multi-instance contain supervisions. This is especially true with multi-instances.

ProDiag Filter

  • From version 17 and higher, filters are available in the ProDiag editors to enable a better overview
  • The filters on supervisions in PLC data types in particular make it easier for the user to differentiate between supervisions at the type or at the instance

Easily editable specific text field

  • Simple parameter assignment of the associated values by means of guided operation steps including syntax check
  • Compatibility with predecessor versions is ensured: The @-syntax can continue to be used if needed. Previous inputs remain unchanged
  • A new form of input has been added accordingly to the export/import file, which means that an external adjustment can be made at any time

Text list can be addressed in user program

  • In the user program, text lists can now be addressed on the basis of a number and by citing an associated value
  • The fixed reference via the name of a text list is no longer needed: In the user program, the text lists can be used with some degree of flexibility for messages, depending on the process conditions

SIMATIC OPC UA S7-1500 & S7-1200

The OPC UA option enables the simple connection of any third-party devices to the S7-1500 and S7-1200 via the integrated OPC UA server in the S7-1500 and S7-1200 CPUs.

The following new functions are available with SIMATIC OPC UA with TIA Portal V17, S7-1500 (as of firmware V2.9) and S7-1200 (as of firmware V4.5): 


  • OPC UA server: Alarms & Conditions at the standard SIMATIC interface

  • Global Discovery Service support (GDS) for certificate management

  • Supports further PLC data types for mapping to OPC UA: Localized Text and Byte strings

  • Automatic creation of the OPC UA instances in the server interface for data types of an OPC UA reference namespace to an FB or UDT

  • Improvement of modeling for server interface or Companion specifications

  • OPC UA client: New blocks for simple handling


  • Methods for consistent data transfer

  • Structured data types and arrays

  • Additional diagnostics buffer entries for OPC UA server and OPC UA diagnostics in TIA Portal

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics (planned for October 2021)

SIMATIC Safe Kinematics enables safe monitoring of the movement in Cartesian space by kinematics with up to 12 interpolating axes.

The following monitoring functions are available:

  • Safe velocity monitoring

  • Safe zone monitoring

  • Safe orientation monitoring

The following features are planned with SIMATIC Safe Kinematics V17:

  • Release for additional hardware, e.g. SIMATIC Drive Controller, SINUMERIK ONE, IPC

  • 3D visualization
    3D visualization shows the parameterized kinematics geometries, tools, zones and speed points graphically and provides a simulation of the kinematics including the associated protection functions already during engineering.

  • Accuracy analysis
    The accuracy analysis is used to determine the Cartesian position and orientation deviations, triggered by axis-granular inaccuracies or axial over-travel.

  • Acceptance test
    The acceptance test supports you in carrying out verification and validation of the SIMATIC Safe Kinematics safety functions.

  • Extended retraction function of kinematics on unsuccessful referencing or if the traversing range is violated.

Ordering data

The products with article numbers (order numbers) are listed in the attached files.

Informational material
  • TIA Portal - An overview of the most important documents and links: 65601780 

Availability of older TIA Portal versions

On 01.10.2021 it is planned to discontinue the products around TIA Portal V13 (SP2) and V14 (SP1). From this date, no more security updates will be made available for these versions. In addition, the trial download in Online Support will no longer be available from then on.

Trial-Software Download

You can find trial versions for downloading and testing of the several TIA Portal products in the following entries:

Security information
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