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SIMOTICS XP explosion-protected motors – release for sale and delivery : New explosion-protected motors SIMOTICS XP – 1MB1011, SH63-71, IE2, in type of protection Ex tb, based on SIMOTICS – 1LE1 motor platform

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Effective immediately, SIMOTICS XP aluminum motors 1MB1011, SH63 and 71, IE2 in type of protection Ex tb (Zone 21) have been released for sale and delivery.

Example: SIMOTICS XP - 1MB1011, Ex tb IIIC, FS 63M, IE2

Product description:

  • Certified by third party according to ATEX rules
  • For DOL and VSD operation
  • Voltages: 3~ 200 to 690 V AC
  • Frequencies: 50 Hz and 60 Hz (50 Hz power)
  • Efficiency class IE2
  • Number of poles: 2-8
  • Rated output: 0,09 to 0,55 kW
  • Mechanically compatible with previous 1LA7/1LA9 motors in SH63-71
  • Operating data analogous to SIMOTICS GP 1LE10
  • Range of options is similar according to 1LA7/9 in Ex tb version

SIMOTICS XP -1MB10 motor  is a further development of the SIMOTICS GP-1LE10 motors. The essential technical adaptions to address the high requirements relating to explosion protection include the following main modifications:

Hazardous zone

Zone 21

Frequency of occurrence of the Ex atmosphere



II 2D Ex tb IIIC T125°C Db


IEC/EN 60079-31

Article number (type of protection is coded at the 6th position of the article number)

1 = Ex tb - Zone 21

Ex-terminal box with special sealing system acc. to IEC/EN 60079-0


External grounding screw


Sheet metal fan cover as standard


Metal fan as standard


Metal rating plate


Adhesive label: "Attention! Do not open the motor in explosive dust atmosphere."


Positioning the product in the sectors:

Ex tb:     Food industry, woodworking, plastics, pumps, HVAC, etc.

Replacement strategy for Ex motors in old lines by 1MB10:

Type of protection

Efficiency  class

Previous version

Article-N° + Ex option

New version


Ex tb IIIC

(Zone 21)


1LA7   + Z=M34 (M38)



1LA9   + Z=M34 (M38)

1MB1011 (+ Z=B40/B41/B43)

 Registrierung notwendig  2021-02-01_Innovation_Small_Alu_Ex_eb_Ex_tb.pptx (147,3 KB)

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