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ABT Installer and Patch FAQ’s

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Here you will find the answers to most of the questions to help yourself overcome the errors or warnings while installing ABT Site and ABT Pro using the ABT Installer. In addition, you will find also a section regarding Patch FAQ SSU is the so called Siemens Software Update utility which is the underling platform ABT installer is using.

Important information

Server for SSU is not available on 3rd of February 2021, between 5pm (CET) and 7pm (CET)

Therefore, during this time frame it is not possible to download stuff and therefore no online installation nor online patch installation are possible during this time frame.

ABT Installer SSU FAQ

How do I access ABTInstaller instantly?

Once you have launched ABTInstaller it creates a shortcut in start menu.

To again quickly access ABTInstaller, just search ABTInstaller in start menu.

How much internet speed is required to download ABT setup?

ABT Installer downloads around 9GB+ data. It is preferred that you have download speed of at least 1mbps+.

How much time is required to install ABT Site using ABT Installer?

ABT Installer downloads around 9.32 GB files to install the Automation Building Tool. The download time varies according to your internet speed. Installation on high performance machines requires 40…50 minutes.

What to do if I encounter, .Net framework version 3.5 is not installed?

Please follow below steps to enable .Net framework 3.5

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard, type "Windows Features", and press Enter. The Turn Windows features on or off dialog box appears.
  • Select the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) check box, select OK, and reboot your computer.

What to do if I encounter ‘DOWNLOAD_FAILED‘error?

Kindly check your internet connection if it is working properly.

Please retry installation in case you get Download Failed error. If retrying also doesn’t work, please contact customer support.

What to do if I encounter ‘INSTALLATION_FAILED‘error?

Installation may fail because of multiple reasons.

  • Installation Failed because SAP Crystal Reports.
    ABT Setup supports SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework (64-Bit) version 13.0.16 only. Please check if you have any other version install on your machine, in case yes please uninstall it and start the installation again.
  • Installation Failed because of Anti-Virus.
    Some Antivirus may prevent ABT Setup to install. Kindly add “C:\Downloads” folder in exclusion list of your antivirus or disable your Anti-virus at the time of ABT setup installation.
  • Installation Failed because of some other Installation in progress.
    In case some other installation is in progress, ABT setup might fail to install. Please wait until other installation is completed and retry installing ABT setup again.

Please retry installation in case you get Installation Failed error. If retrying also doesn’t work, please share below details with customer support.

Please share all log files from below location:

  • ABT installer log location
  • ABT Tool log location
  • ABT library log location

What to do if the PG/PC interface settings are empty after installing the Automation Building Tool?

If you encounter that the PG/PC interface settings as empty, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the location where you have downloaded ABT Installer. The default download location is
  • Go to ABT-STEP7PLUSPRO-SEBU > Support and run the PC_IDENTIFIER_09.02.06.00_01.01.00.09.exe file

You can now see the PG/PC interface settings.

How do I uninstall my ABT setup?

ABT setup can be uninstalled with the help of ABT Installer.

In start menu, Search ABTInstaller.exe, Launch the ABTInstaller to uninstall ABT setup.

What to do if my ABT Site Uninstallation is failed.

If your uninstallation is failing with ABT Installer, please navigate to below path and run Uninstall.exe


Still if you are now able to uninstall your ABT site tool, please share below details with customer support.

Take log files from below locations:

  • ABT Tool log location
  • Uninstall Log Location

Where does my ABT Site and Libraries gets downloaded to?

Your ABT site and Libraries will get download at C:\Downloads location.


What to do if I encounter Download failed error while installing ABT Installer patch?

Please retry installing the patch. If retrying doesn’t work, please follow below workaround.

  • Please go to
    <Username> is the machine username on which ABT is Installed.
  • Sort folders by date modified
  • Open the latest created folder
  • Run the ABT_<Version>_<Build Number>.<Patch Number>.exe
    <Version> is the Automation Building Tool version,
    <Build Number> is the ABT tool build version
    <Patch Number>is the ABT Patch version

In case you still are not able to install the patch, kindly contact Customer support team.

How to check in any new Patch is available?

To check if any new patch is available kindly open Siemens Software Updates from start menu.

Inside SSU, you will be able to see the latest patch available.

How can I change frequency in SSU to check for Patch updates?

To change the frequency of updates

  • Open Siemens Software Manger from Start menu
  • Open Siemens Software Updates
  • Click Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Change “Check for Updates” interval as per you.

If you have any specific questions regarding this subject, please contact your local SI BP Customer Support.
Responsible for the content of this article is the Customer Support team in Zug (BAM).

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