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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109793240, Entry date: 03/25/2021

SIMATIC Automation Tool - Delivery Release Service Pack 2 for V4.0, including SDK version

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Service Pack 2 of SIMATIC Automation Tool V4.0 enhances some usability and firmware update possibilities for SITOP power supplies.
SIMATIC Automation Tool V4.0 SP2 provides the following features:
  • Support for additional operations for devices and versions as included in the Device Catalog
  • Two-step firmware update for additional SITOP power supplies
  • Improved file and folder handling in the Card Browser -  Simplification for distribution of mutliple files
  • Ability to insert multiple devices behind NAT routers into the Device table from Microsoft Excel files - enhanced handling for associated Router IP addresses 

License key

There are no changes for the validity of license keys.

Ordering data/ Software download

SIMATIC Automation ToolOrder number 
 TRIAL Download (21-day Trial license) SIOS download entry: 98161300  
 Online Software Delivery (OSD) Download with Floating License Basic 6ES7853-1AE04-0YA5
 Advanced 6ES7853-1AE14-0YA5
 Powerpack 6ES7853-1KE04-0YA5
 SIMATIC Automation Tool - Software Development Kit (SDK) 
 Online Software Delivery (OSD) Download  6ES7853-1AE03-0AG8
 Update Installation file for any existing SDK installation  SIOS download entry: 109780920  


Updating existing installation

The SIMATIC Automation Tool includes the TIA Software Updater. You can download SIMATIC Automation Tool software updates from Siemens if your programming device is connected to the Internet.


Web pagewww.siemens.de/sat
User guide SIMATIC Automation Tool Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794330 
Installation notes SIMATIC Automation Tool Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794328 
Product information SIMATIC Automation Tool Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794329 
User guide SIMATIC Automation Tool SDK Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794325 
Installation notes SIMATIC Automation Tool SDK Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794326 
Product information SIMATIC Automation Tool SDK Edition: V4.0 SP2, 03/2021: 109794327 
Device catalog with specification of the supported modules and their functional scope:  Registrierung notwendig  SAT_DeviceCatalog_V4.0_SP2.xlsx (808,7 KB)


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