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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109793790, Entry date: 08/16/2021

Download and sales/delivery release for SINEMA Remote Connect V3.0 SP2

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V3.0 SP2 of SINEMA Remote Connect is hereby released. The upgrade for the server to V3.0 SP2 is free of charge; please refer to the installation instructions. One-off, low migration costs will be incurred for the client update V3.0.

The following is offered for download:

  • Upgrade installation file for SINEMA Remote Connect Server V3.0 SP2
  • Installation files for SINEMA Remote Connect Client V3.0 SP1
    (including UMC server installation)
  • Optional: VMware Tools V3.0 for installation via update routine
  • Optional: OSS packages used

SINEMA Remote Connect, the management platform for remote networks, is a server application for establishing secure connections between users, widely distributed plants and machines. SINEMA Remote Connect enables management and establishment of tunnel connections (VPN).

V3.0 of SINEMA Remote Connect provides the option to install the SINEMA Remote Connect Server in a cloud environment for the first time. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are released and tested cloud systems. 

With this version, it is also possible to enable a REST-API (automation interface), which can provide significantly increased productivity through automation. This means that relevant configurations (e.g. adding devices/groups, enabling/disabling users, setting up servers, configuring parameters) can now easily and efficiently be performed automatically instead of manually if required. You can develop your own corresponding scripts/programs for this. The REST-API (must be purchased separately with a license) also allows a flow of information from SINEMA Remote Connect into your own systems, e.g. to enable monitoring (e.g. integrating data from SINEMA Remote Connect into your own statistics/dashboards). To use the API interface, please note that a one-time additional license is required in the SINEMA RC server (SINEMA RC API license - 6GK1724-3VH03-0BV0). For test purposes, a one-time 14-day trial version can be activated. 

The SINEMA Remote Connect Client license via the Automation License Manager is replaced by a new central client license which is imported into the SINEMA Remote Connect Server and managed there. The license model, whereby each PC connected to the server on which the SINEMA Remote Connect Client is licensed, has not changed. Only the location of license management has changed. As soon as a SINEMA Remote Connect Client connects to the server, a client license is occupied for this client on the server. Please ensure that there is a sufficient number of available client licenses on the server. If the new SINEMA Remote Connect Client is installed on the same host in multiple virtual machines, only one license is occupied in total for the virtual machines. Please note that a license migration is necessary before the server update. This is explained in greater detail in the migration process under "Item 3. Download". 

For the first time, an Online Software Delivery is also offered within the SINEMA Remote Connect portfolio. Online Software Delivery (OSD) offers you direct, convenient downloading of your purchased software and the corresponding license keys. 


Security information:

Version 3.0 contains safety-relevant changes which enhance robustness against possible attacks. Updating to version 3.0 is therefore recommended.

For optimum interoperability, it is always advisable to upgrade both the SINEMA Remote Connect Server and the SINEMA Remote Connect Client to the latest version.


Security fixes and improvements:

Correction of SSA-455843: WIBU Systems CodeMeter Runtime Vulnerabilities in Siemens and Siemens Energy Products

Correction for SSA-731317: Multiple vulnerabilities in SINEMA Remote Connect Web Based Management  

Correction of SSA-816035: Code Execution Vulnerability in SINEMA Remote

Correction of SSA-334944: Vulnerability in SINEMA Remote Connect Server

Performance improvements and security fixes for server and client

  • Update Fix for VMware Tools


  • New functions:

    SINEMA Remote Connect Server V3.0 SP2

    • Installation of the SINEMA Remote Connect Server in cloud systems (cloud systems released by Siemens: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure)
    • REST-API (automation interface) for significantly increased productivity through automation, as relevant configurations (e.g. adding devices/groups, enabling/disabling users, setting up servers, configuring parameters) can now be performed automatically. The REST-API allows a flow of information from SINEMA Remote Connect into your own systems.
    • Central distribution of the client software by uploading the client software to the server by the administrator and downloading of the software for each client user
    • Central handling of client licenses in the server (client licenses no longer need to be manually distributed using USB flash drives). Caution, migration of the licenses is required!
    • Online Software Delivery (OSD) of the client licenses (immediate download of software and licenses)
    • New uniform design of the user interface
    • New clear menu structure
    • Access to the Web-based Management via the WAN interface can be disabled optionally
    • Access to the Web-based Management is also possible via IPv6 address
    • The IP address of the SINEMA Remote Connect Server can also be flexibly assigned via DHCP
    • The boot partition can be selected in the Web-based Management
    • The minimum hard disk size was reduced to 20 GB
    • The information text for identification of the server can be stored on the start page
    • Central upload of own logo, to be shown in the clients, possible in the server
    • Newly created users can be forced by the role/password policy to change their password on first login
    • Due to the above-mentioned security-related changes, an update of existing installations is recommended.


    SINEMA Remote Connect Client V3.0 SP1

    • Optimization of the user interface and performance
    • Server management with quick selection of frequently used servers (address / user name) from a list
    • Central distribution of client software by downloading from the SINEMA Remote Connect Server
    • Central handling of client licenses in the server (client licenses no longer need to be manually distributed using USB flash drives). Caution, migration of the licenses is required!
    • New uniform design of the user interface
    • GUI can be switched to Chinese
    • Supported operating systems: Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Windows Server 2016, 2019 (64-bit)
    • Due to the above-mentioned security-related changes, an update of existing installations is recommended.


    2. Ordering data

    When ordering the SINEMA Remote Connect Client Software V3 (6GK1721-1XG03-0AA0 / 6GK1721-1XG03-0AK0 / 6GK1721-3XG03-0AK0), note that the licenses are bundled for each order. This has the advantage that any quantity of the SINEMA Remote Connect Client V3 can be ordered, but you receive only one package with the software/OSD download and a license key that corresponds exactly to the ordered quantity and needs to be activated in the server. When the license key is activated in the server, the order quantity of licenses appears and you can select how many licenses should be activated.


    Product name

    Functions / Content

    Order number

    SINEMA Remote Connect Virtual Appliance V3 SP1

    - Basic software package for 4 
      VPN connections

    - 1x SINEMA Remote Connect Client V3


    SINEMA Remote Connect Upgrade 64

    - Upgrade by 64
      VPN connections


    SINEMA Remote Connect Upgrade 256

    - Upgrade by 256
      VPN connections


    SINEMA Remote Connect Upgrade 1024

    - Upgrade by 1024
      VPN connections


    SINEMA RC UMC license

    - License for activation of the connection to  
      UMC server for central user administration


    SINEMA RC API license

    - License for enabling the API


    SINEMA RC Client V3


    - OpenVPN client for connection to
      SINEMA Remote Connect Server >= V3.0


    SINEMA RC Client V3 (OSD)

    - OpenVPN client for connection to
      SINEMA Remote Connect Server >= V3.0

    - OSD / software download, e-mail address essential for delivery



    - Upgrade of existing clients to V3

    - OpenVPN client for connection to
      SINEMA Remote Connect Server >= V3.0

    - OSD / software download, e-mail address essential for delivery


    SINEMA Remote Connect Client V2.1

    - OpenVPN client for connection to
      SINEMA Remote Connect Server <V3.0

    - will still be available for a limited time for reasons of compatibility with the old version


    TIA Portal User Management Component (UMC)

    - Rental License for 100 user accounts and
      365 day Certificate of License for download




    3. Download

    Caution! Before you upgrade the server to V3.0, you need to migrate the client licenses. To run though this migration, please order the SINEMA RC CLIENT V3 Upgrade (OSD) license (6GK1721-3XG03-0AK0) in the same quantity as the SINEMA Remote Connect Client licenses (6GK1721-1XG01-0AA0) that you possess.

    Please note that the SINEMA Remote Connect Virtual Appliance (6GK1720-1AH01-0BV0) also contains a SINEMA RC Client, which is entitled to an upgrade. Scaled prices which result in a one-off, low migration fee are available for the upgrade order number. The release of your new licenses is then sent to you by download and needs to be activated once on the SINEMA Remote Connect Server V3.0. If you did not do this before the server update, you have 30 days to activate the client licenses retroactively.

    Changes to the previous version V3.0 of the server

    • The stability of the VPN connections has been improved
    • REST API can be activated automatically
    • 1: 1 NAT addresses are automatically filled in the REST API

    Third-party software - license conditions and copyright notes

    You can find the copyright notes on the third-party software, especially Open Source Software, included in this product, as well as applicable license conditions for this type of third-party software in the file ReadMe_OSS.

    Special note for resellers

    The information and the license conditions in the Readme_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

    Client:   OSS_SINEMA-RC-Client_86.pdf (9,2 MB)

    Server:   OSS_SINEMA-RC_86.pdf (5,1 MB)

    Open-vm-tools:   ReadMe_OSS_SINEMA-RC-open-vm-tools_86.pdf (1,2 MB)


    OSS package download (ZIP file)

     Registrierung notwendig  oss_packages.zip (1,5 GB)(SHA-256)


     Files for download

    Download Server V3.0.2.0  (zip-file)

     Registrierung notwendig  SINEMARC_V3.0.2.0- (268,3 MB)(SHA-256)


    Download Client V3.0.1.0 (ZIP file)

     Registrierung notwendig  SINEMA_RC_Client_V3_0_1.zip (134,2 MB)(SHA-256)



    Download Client V3.0.1.0 (zip-file) with UMC-server

     Registrierung notwendig  SINEMA_RC_Client_V3_0_1_withUMC.zip (493,1 MB)(SHA-256)

    Download VMware Tools V3.0.0

     Registrierung notwendig  SRC_VmwareToolsPackages_3_0.zip (1,2 MB)(SHA-256)

    For installation, please observe the instructions in the product documentation.

    Changes to the previous version V3.0 of the server

    • Improved stability of the VPN-connection
    • REST API can be activated automatically
    • 1:1 NAT address in REST API will be filled automatically

    Changes to the previous version V3.0 SP1 of the server

    • Firmware upload possible for SCALANCE MUM85X
    • Security improvements for server and client
    • Performance improvements
    • <V3.0 SP2 servers can be migrated with installed VMware Tools. After the migration, however, the VMware Tools V3.0.0 must be reinstalled

    Updating the server:

    The description of the system update can be found in the operating instructions for SINEMA Remote Connect:  https://support.industry.siemens.com/cs/attachments/109482121/BA_SINEMA-RC-Server_0.pdf?

    It is only possible to update to version 3.0 SP2 from V2.1 or V3.0/V3.0 SP1; please observe the corresponding information in the manual.

    Version 3.0 SP2 is loaded via the server's Web-based Management. Please ensure that your system (including documentation of all network settings) has been backed up and follow the instructions in the manual.

    Note: Depending on the hardware, installation of the update can take up to 60 minutes.  The SINEMA Remote Connect Server restarts during the update and is temporarily unavailable. While the update is in progress, the system must not be disconnected from the power supply system or restarted because this will interrupt the update and possibly impair the installation. The update has been successfully completed when the SINEMA Remote Connect Server has booted on its own and the Web-based Management is accessible again. It is possible that the update display in the browser will not be updated. Therefore, it is recommended that you open the website again to check whether the update was successful. After login to the Web-based Management, V3.0.2.0 should be shown under "System" à "Overview" à "Software version".


    Installation of the client:

    The update to Version 3.0 SP1 can be performed from any client version. Please observe the relevant information in the manual.

    The current Windows updates are a prerequisite for installing the SINEMA Remote Connect Client.

    Check whether your operating system is up to date before installing the SINEMA Remote Connect Client.


    Compatibility of server and client versions

    As described in the manual, we strongly recommend updating the server and client. However, in the transitional phase, it is also technically possible to use the following combinations with limited functional scope:

    SINEMA Remote Connect Server V3.0 SP2 with SINEMA Remote Connect Client V2.1

    SINEMA Remote Connect Server V2.1 with SINEMA Remote Connect Client V3.0 SP1


    Training courses:

    If you need more information on the subject of remote networks and SINEMA Remote Connect, attend one of our training courses on the subject of remote networks:


    You will find additional training courses on our Industrial Networks Education website: https://new.siemens.com/global/en/products/automation/industrial-communication/industrial-network-solutions/education.html

    4. Contact

    Contact for technical issues:
    Customer Support, DF CS SD CCC TS, 
    Contact form

    Security information
    In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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