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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109794088, Entry date: 06/08/2021

STEP 7 V5.7 / S7-GRAPH V5.7 / S7-SCL V5.7 / S7-PDIAG V5.7 / STEP 7 Professional 2021

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The STEP 7 V5.7 / S7-GRAPH V5.7 / S7-SCL V5.7 / S7-PDIAG V5.7 / STEP 7 Professional 2021 software package has been released for delivery.

STEP 7 V5.7 / S7-GRAPH V5.7 / S7-SCL V5.7 / S7-PDIAG V5.7 / STEP 7 Professional 2021 is available and can be downloaded free of charge via the Internet (entry ID 109796156). It is also possible to order a DVD from your Siemens contact person for a nominal fee. The Article No. is as follows: 6ES7810-4CC12-0YA7 / 6ES7810-5CC13-0YA7.  

Customers with a current Software Update Service contract for STEP 7 or STEP 7 Professional are automatically sent the appropriate DVD. 

STEP 7 V5.7 / S7-GRAPH V5.7 / S7-SCL V5.7 / S7-PDIAG V5.7 / STEP 7 Professional 2021 can be installed directly over previous installations of STEP 7 V5.6 / S7-GRAPH V5.6 / S7-SCL V5.6 / S7-PDIAG V5.6 / STEP 7 Professional 2017 . During this process, the version is automatically upgraded to V5.7 or 2021.

You can find information on the newly released S7 Project Messages (S7 PM) option package under the following entry ID: 109794089 


The license purchased for V5.6 or STEP 7 Professional 2017 can also be used for V5.7 or STEP 7 Professional 2021.

Supported operating systems: 

  • MS Windows Server 2016 (64-bit) (standard edition as work station computer)
  • MS Windows Server 2019 (64-bit) (standard edition as work station computer)
  • MS Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro und Enterprise 

You can find a detailed breakdown of the operating systems that are supported using the Compatibility Tool under the following entry:


Important information:


What's new?

We have compiled all the functional changes and enhancements introduced with STEP 7 V5.7 / STEP 7 Professional 2021 for you:

English:   STEP_7_-_What_is_New.pdf (74.5 KB)

STEP 7 V5.7 / Professional 2021 also updates the module catalog. Please refer to this attachment for a list of the newly added modules:

English:   STEP_7_-_New_Modules.pdf (334.7 KB)


  STEP_7_-_Compatibility_list.pdf (310.3 KB)

Important note on application integrity:

STEP 7 V5.7 introduces the monitoring of application integrity. This option is activated as a default setting in STEP 7 V5.7. It checks whether installation data has been changed (e.g. attacks by malware).

If option packages or hardware for STEP 7 are installed that do not support this option, an error message is displayed when the project is opened:

If a new versions of the option packages or hardware that support this monitoring is not available, the application integrity monitoring should be temporarily disabled. This option can be found in the settings of the SIMATIC Manager of STEP 7 V5.7.

An FAQ on this topic can be found here: 109798574 

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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