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ET200ecoPN with PROFINET S2 system redundancy for use in high-availability systems

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The ET200ecoPN M12-L peripherals support S2 system redundancy and thus increase system availability.

The ET200ecoPN M12-L peripherals with S2 system redundancy enable the uninterruptible process data exchange with the redundant system S7-1500R/H respectively S7-400H in case of a CPU failure. The primary control is used for cyclic communication, while the backup control runs in the background and takes over communication in the event of an error. All parameters are stored accordingly, so that a changeover can take place within milliseconds and without interrupting the running processes.

In addition to the DI, DQ and DIQ peripherals, the IO-Link master also supports S2 system redundancy.
In this way the IO-Link Master integrates the multitude of existing IO-Link devices, such as measuring sensors, valve terminals, and position feedback sensors, into the world of high-availability systems.

The ET200ecoPN M12-L peripherals already in use can be upgraded to S2 system redundancy with a firmware update of version V1.1.0.

The FW version V1.1.0 is available for download here:

    ET 200eco PN DI 8x24VDC, M12-L   109798525 

    ET 200eco PN DI 16x24VDC, M12-L   109798527 

    ET 200eco PN DQ 8x24VDC/0,5A, M12-L   109798528

    ET 200eco PN DQ 8x24VDC/2A, M12-L   109798529

    ET 200eco PN DIQ 16x24VDC/2A, M12-L   109798530

    ET 200eco PN CM 8x IO-Link, M12-L   109798522 

The updated GSD file 33291771 must be used for configuring.
For the configuring in TIA Portal V17, the HSP0353 will be available soon. 

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