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SINAMICS DriveSim Basic

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SINAMICS DriveSim Basic provides easy-to-use models for PROFIdrive-enabled SINAMICS drives, so you can create a digital twin of your drive.

How can you verify and validate the communication between the drive and the PLC? 
And how can you verify and validate that the instructions the PLC is giving the drive are correctly interpreted?

With SINAMICS DriveSim Basic, you can answer these questions already at the design and planning stage.

SINAMICS DriveSim Basic provides easy-to-use models for PROFIdrive-enabled SINAMICS drives, so you can create a digital twin of your drive. The models are validated and tested against real SINAMICS drives and are available in the form of a standardized FMU model (Functional Mockup Unit). Therefore, they are compatible with various standard time-based simulation programs such as SIMIT, Simcenter Amesim, NX Motion or Matlab Simulink. 


SINAMICS DriveSim Basic is another element in your engineering toolbox. Together with other virtual SIEMENS solutions, e.g. SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced or NX Mechatronics Concept Designer, a consistent model-based development process can be implemented.

Model Content
SINAMICS DriveSim Basic implements specific functionality subset and the minimum required parameters of the converter control. In contrast to a real device in the digital twin the implemented functional groups can tailored in a whole to a specific use case:

  • PROFIdrive communication (telegrams 1, 2, 3, 4, 102, 103)
  • sequence control
  • setpoint channel
  • encoder
  • speed controller (SERVO only)

Besides the functionality implemented by the control model, SINAMICS DriveSim Basic offers a simplified representation of the electrical system (motor, converter…) as a closed current control loop and an internal feedback loop of speed, respectively torque via an optional internal load model (direct feedthrough or configurable two-mass-oscillator).

SINAMICS DriveSim Basic is valid for the following SINAMICS devices and firmware versions:

 SINAMICS  Firmware  Telegrams   Speed controller 

G110M (CU240M)
G120 (CU230P-2, CU240B-2, CU240E-2)

V4.7 SP13 1 no
G120 (CU250S-2)V4.7 SP13 1, 2, 3, 4  no
G120XV1.03.00 1  no
G130/G150V5.2 SP3 1,2,3,4  no
S110V4.4 SP3 1, 2, 3, 4, 102, 103  yes
S120/S150V5.2 SP3 1, 2, 3, 4, 102, 103  yes
S210V5.2 SP3 3, 102  yes
V90 V1.04.03 1, 2, 102  yes



The well-established solution of generic SIMIT library PROFIdrive for drives and the Drives behavior library (see entry 10976100) can be enhanced or even replaced by SINAMICS DriveSim Basic with a more detailed SINAMICS drive model. The following table gives an overview of the main differences (comparison based on function level of SINAMICS S120 and SIMIT):

 SINAMICS DriveSim Basic  SIMIT PROFIdrive library (10.2)  SIMIT Drives behavior library 

Telegrams motor module

  1, 2, 3, 4, 102, 103  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 102, 103, 105, 106 111, 750
Telegrams Safety  -  30, 31, 32   901, 902, 903
Telegrams Encoder -  -  81, 82, 83 
Validated against ... SINAMICS PROFIdrive specification PROFIdrive specification
Parameter definition SINAMICS specific  generic  generic 
min. sample rate load model  62.5 µs 1ms 1ms 
Speed controlleryes  no  no 
Model variants 1 10  8
Tool independent yes  no  no 


Use Cases
With SINAMICS DriveSim Basic, you can implement two major use cases:

  1. Virtual PLC commissioning

    If you are designing a machine, you want to make sure the PLC code works with your SINAMICS drive. After writing the PLC code in TIA Portal, you can connect it via PLCSIM Advanced to any time-based simulation tool (e.g. SIMIT). Integrated in your simulation tool, SINAMICS DriveSim Basic acts as a realistic communication partner for the PLC. Next, you can commission the virtual PLC in TIA Portal as you would do with a real PLC connected to a real drive. Optionally, you can connect a simulation tool such as NX Mechatronic Concept Designer to visualize the mechanical movements.

  2. Providing load characteristics for drive sizing

    If you are designing a machine, you want to make sure that you select the SINAMICS converter and SIMOTICS motor most suitable for you drive application. As SINAMICS DriveSim Basic is control-unit-agnostic and thus represents a generic drive, you can parametrize it according to the functionality of your application. Running the simulation results in load characteristics, i.e. torque or speed curves over time. You can import these load profiles into TIA Selection Tool to select the suitable Control Unit and dimension the drive to best fit to the demand. It is recommended to refine the simulation model according to the inertia provided by TIA Selection Tool and repeat simulating and dimensioning the drive until the provided inertia is stable. Optionally, you can connect a simulation tool such as NX Mechatronic Concept Designer to visualize the mechanical movements.


Customer benefits of SINAMICS DriveSim Basic:

  1. Speed up time-to-market for OEMs
  2. Test validated SINAMICS models under real conditions at the design or planning stage and make needed adjustments
  3. Identify issues and improvement capabilities early in the design stage and reduce testing effort to save time and cost



Matlab SimulinkSimcenter AmesimSIMITANSYS TwinBuilder


Videos - YouTube


Important note
To execute the FMU models, a license is required! To receive this license, please write an email to  digitalization.drives@siemens.com. We are currently working on a solution for you to get access to the files on this website directly and will update this accordingly.

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Automation License Manager Entry-ID 114358

Last changes

08/2021: In V1.0.2 added or expanded:
  • Removed parameter p1189
  • Change factory setting of Damping, Inertia Motor and Brake, Inertia load, Damping and Torsional Stiffness
  • Update internal load
  • Add p0419, p1520, p1521, p1530, p1531 and functionality
  • Update MELDW: Bit 0, Bit 1 and Bit 8
  • Update FP 2452: ZSW1 Bit 11
  • Application examples V1.0.2

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